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You've got the power to transform

Live what others wish for, and you will be one of the few to do what others don't.

Strive for the best version of yourself, the powerful and resilient you who excels at what is truly meaningful. Achieve dreams that transform the world around you. Surround yourself with like-minded people. Dare to evolve and make your unique mark on the world.

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Workshops & pathways

Experiential learning during our workshops & programmes that take your physical & mental health to the next level

Cold Experience

Cold Experience

Rediscover your energy during these workshopswith cold as a teacher. Increase your physical vitality and strengthen your mental resilience.
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Heat Experience

Heat Experience

Discover the revolutionary approach to stress tolerance training through the power of acute stress stimuli
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Transformative Breathwork

Transformative Breathwork

Break through emotional and mental blockages with powerful breathing techniques.
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Personal growth & development

Personal growth & development

Integrate new insights, discover challenging growth points and transform yourself.

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Learn, experience and grow

Meet our out-of-the-box & holistic programmes & workshops
and join a network of like-minded people.

Intermittent Living as the vaccine of the future. The modern environment constantly pulls us out of balance and creates a lifestyle that leaves us vulnerable

During our workshops, we integrate Intermittent Living, Dr Leo Pruimboom's scientific reference to make lifestyle more powerful and healthy. This concept consists of well-known evolutionary stimuli and protects your body and brain from the harmful effects of modern life.

We start our workshops with a training, so you learn what you do, why you do it and how you can integrate it into your daily life at home too.

Regardless of whether you are an athlete who wants to push your limits or a non-athlete who wants to move away from unhealthy habits and lose some pounds, our workshops are suitable for anyone who wants to WANT.

We are committed to helping you get the best out of yourself and supporting you on your way to a healthy and happy future.

Business success, personal fulfilment and vital energy! We know from experience that without a behavioural transformation, the intended growth is often not achieved. This applies not only to business, but also to personal relationships, health, vitality, corporate culture, mental well-being, fulfilment and intellectual growth.

Together with you, we break down mental barriers and eliminate mediocrity. The result is priceless, but well worth the effort. Consultants share information, mentors draw on experience, but both do not bring about behavioural change. Psychologists and therapists solve past problems, but do not necessarily lead to a breakthrough.

Life is a mix of happiness and adversity. During this journey, you will learn how to create your reality yourself. We offer insights, tools and life-changing exercises. During this path, you become more aware of thought patterns every day and learn to let go of limiting beliefs. If you can see contrast as learning moments, you are a conscious creator of your own reality.

This trajet offers a unique opportunity to learn and deepen new competences and skills to enrich your personal and professional life.

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Inspire by hearing, seeing AND feeling. Thomas is very conscious of how he communicates, interacts and connects with people. He combines knowledge and storytelling to make various health topics tangible to the target audience. Thomas's keynotes;

  • Intermittent Living
  • Breathe Better
  • Stress as the origin of life and health
  • From sleeping beauty to kickass human

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Our online master classes are designed to support your busy life. Watch and/or listen at your convenience, at your own pace.

whether you're seated, in your car, or wherever you may be. By investing in yourself and enrolling in the course, you can embark on a journey towards a calmer, more focused, and successful life.

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More and more companies are becoming aware of the importance of having healthy employees who arrive at work with full energy and commitment.

In a world where pandemics, stress, burnout & bore-out dominate business, wellbeing as well as physical, mental and emotional health becomes all the more important. That is why companies have recently been increasingly focusing on creating a "great place to work" where healthy and energetic employees are the key to success.

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Looking for a teambuilding activity that is not only fun and challenging, but also gives your team a real energy and health boost? Discover our offer and step out of your comfort zone physically and mentally together with your colleagues.

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Next Experiences

Keynote & training

Keynote speaker for transformative experiences

Looking for a speaker for your event? Thomas Vyncke inspires and motivates through a unique combination of knowledge and storytelling. With an eye for interaction and connection, he engages the audience in a tangible way.

Personal Growth Journey

unlocking inner potential through self-insight and integrity

Success is not one-sided; it is only truly achieved when you excel in all areas of your life. Excellence is the result of personal behavioural transformation. 

During this journey, we promote deep self-insight. It is this insight that paves the way not only for business success, but also for personal fulfilment and health in a way that is fully aligned with yourself.

"This workshop not only offered a physical experience, but it was also a valuable step towards a conscious lifestyle and strong mindset."

~ Glenn Van den Bossche

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Cold Experience

expand your comfort zone during this workshop and discover the power of cold

Broaden your comfort zone during this experience. Rediscover your energy with cold as a teacher. This powerful intervention mobilises energy, increases vitality and strengthens mental resilience. Thaw out from the hectic pace of busy life and embrace the space for unprecedented growth. A fast-paced approach to strengthen your entrepreneurship. Connect deeply with your inner power and let this workshop lead you to a renewed understanding of what is possible for you.

heat workshop

Heat Experience

Train your stress tolerance during this workshop

Discover the revolutionary approach to stress tolerance training for enterprising people through the power of acute stress triggers, such as heat. Learn how intermittent heat boosts your mental and physical health while building stress resilience.

Enhance your ability to perform under pressure and tackle complex business challenges with clarity and determination. 

Online training for growth

Online master classes

Breathe To Relax

Breathe To Relax

Learn how to practice relaxing breathwork in a safe and effective way.
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Ecstatic Breathwork

Ecstatic Breathwork

Release blockages in your body and mind, reduce stress and call a halt to your racing thoughts.
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Polyvagal theory

Polyvagal theory

Get to work on your nervous system yourself and learn more about how you can influence it.
Olivier Biekens
Top athlete

As a top athlete, I am always looking for small percentages that can help me perform at my best. This workshop has certainly contributed to that. I am pleased with the new insights regarding nutrition, breathing, movement, hydration, and exposure to cold.

I found Thomas and Christina very convincing and charismatic. They could answer every question perfectly and made me feel very reassured. I find the latter extremely important in such an environment. Many people jump into the deep end during such a workshop anyway, and the presence of Thomas and Christina gave a good feeling!

Thanks, I will come back !

Ecstatic Breathwork
Rayco Espantoso
CEO Las Manas

"Ecstatic Breathwork discharges mentally and physically and gives so much energy"

My first experience was literally and figuratively breathtaking. I did not expect at all that the effect on my body, mentally, physically, and emotionally would be so great. Mentally, I experienced relief, and emotionally, I allowed myself to be vulnerable. It was important to me that this happened in a safe environment. The experience was fantastic, unique! The fact that you can experience such a rush simply by breathing is a revelation to me. It has enlightened me tremendously. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Physically, it provides an AMAZING feeling. You can truly feel the energy, as if everything around you is vibrating—a feeling that is not easily encountered. Describing the real sensation is very difficult; you have to experience it yourself to truly understand. I highly recommend everyone to immerse themselves in this experience."

Els De Wachter
AZ Klina project manager

Enriching - warm - grateful

I found the personal growth journey incredibly fascinating. What I find most valuable is that you can do anything you want, if you believe it yourself. I just want to say thank you to you to follow your passion and heart, giving us the chance to find our way back to our own hearts. It is beautiful to see how you do this together, that alone is inspiring.

Gilles Heymans
Change Manager

Awareness - Passionate - Inspiring

The personal growth journey has taught me to put situations into perspective and choose for myself how I deal with certain situations. I have been doing personal development for several years now, so I have already "dug in" and done some self-reflection. The way you explain and present everything has given me additional tools to live more from within myself.

Charlotte Maes

"A real eye-opener and life-changer.

Your view of the world and yourself will be totally transformed after this experience.
Experience a feeling like never before, like you can take on the world. Indescribably ordinary. Thomas, thank you for this incredible experience.
Your tips and tricks during the workshops are already applied with great energy and care on a weekly basis and have totally changed my energy level, focus, outlook on life.

You really rock!!!"