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Smart ring: the ultimate activity tracker

Ultrahuman Smart Ring Review

The Ultrahuman activity tracker brings insight for a healthy lifestyle.

With this advanced wearable, you can easily track your sleep, movement, and recovery. The tracker offers automatic sleep detection and detailed analyses of sleep stages, patterns, and quality.

You gain insight into your heart rate, heart rate variability, and skin temperature, which helps you understand your physiological responses and optimize your health.

Ideal for improving your fitness goals, managing stress levels, or simply learning more about your body.

What to expect from the smart ring?

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What does the activity tracker measure?

  1. Sleep quality, sleep duration & sleep stages
  2. Skin temperature
  3. Heart rate, heart rate variability
    (HRV) & resting heart rate (RHR)
  4. Exercise activity, including number of steps, distance covered and intensity of your daily activity
  5. Calorie burn and & metabolic equivalents (METs)
  6. Recovery score for understanding body signals throughout the day
  7. Workout tracking, including heart rate during workouts and intensity levels
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Measurement of sports performance & workouts

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The ultrahuman ring air offers an approach for athletes who want to improve their sports performance and fitness goals. The app allows you to take detailed measurements of sports activities view, what a gives deeper insight into your workouts and recovery processes.

The app accurately analyses heart rate, training intensity and recovery indicators, giving you valuable insights to fine-tune your workouts and improve your overall performance.

Optimise your sleep quality, pattern and rhythm

The activity tracker measures the different sleep stages, such as REM, light and deep sleep and also the times when you are awake.

During your sleep, the tracker measures parameters such as skin temperature, heart rate and heart rate variability. This data provides insight into the body's physiological responses during rest periods. This allows you to see patterns that affect your sleep rhythm and sleep quality, and optimise your sleep habits for better sleep & a healthy lifestyle.

Circadian rhythm Alignment

Circadian rhythm (the inner rhythm of our body), plays a crucial role in regulating our daily cycles, including sleep-wake rhythms, body temperature and hormone release. You can look at it as a internal biological clock, ensuring that everything runs smoothly for optimum performance.


These rhythms include the physical, mental and behavioural changes that we go through every day over a 24-hour cycle. Although mainly influenced by light and darkness, they are also affected by other factors such as diet, stress, physical activity, our social environment and temperature.


Virtually all living things, From animals and plants to micro-organisms, have their own circadian rhythm. In humans, this works in a more complex way, with almost every tissue and organ having its own rhythm, all tuned to the natural cycle of day and night.

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How does Ultrahuman help understand and optimise circadian rhythms?

Ultrahuman measures and analyzes various aspects of the circadian rhythm to help users better understand their biological clock and adjust their lifestyle for improved health and well-being. The Ultrahuman app provides insights into the following phases:

Circadian dead zone

While exposure to light and physical activity has other varied benefits, exposure during this window has minimal impact on your circadian clock.

Phase delay zone

Screen exposure during this window is suboptimal for health. Relaxation methods like listening to music and non-sleep deep rest are highly beneficial.

Phase minima zone

This refers to the probable window of your sleep where you experience minimum core temperature. Exposure to light and activity during this window is detrimental to sleep quality and recovery.

Phase advance zone

Movement and light exposure during the phase advance window help with shifting your circadian clock to an earlier time in the day.

Ultrahuman ring air

With the Ultrahuman activity tracker, you work towards a healthy lifestyle in a targeted way. This smart wearable provides insight into your daily activities, helps you reach your fitness goals and supports a balanced lifestyle. With detailed measurements of your movement, sleep and recovery, the tracker provides valuable insights to optimise your health. Make every day a chance to be active and take better care of yourself with the Ultrahuman activity tracker.

Frequently asked questions about ultrahuman ring air

  • Made of titanium with carbide carbon coating for extra scratch resistance.
  • Hypoallergenic inside.
  • Lightweight (only 2.4g) making it 11x lighter than a smartwatch.
  • Equipped with a powerful battery that lasts up to 6 days and comes with a contact charger.
  • Features a 6-axis motion sensor and a temperature sensor for accurate monitoring of body movement and temperature.
  • IP58-rated for water resistance up to 100 metres
  • Seamless integration with the Ultrahuman app for comprehensive analysis of sleep, activity and recovery.

The Ultrahuman Ring Air is seamless and lighter than other existing smart rings, making it more comfortable to wear and less noticeable.

The smart ring is suitable for use in all kinds of environments, both on land and in water, thanks to its water resistance even up to a depth of 100 metres.

Some of the API responses available include sleep data, exercise data, heart rate, heart rate variability, temperature, steps and glucose measurements.

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