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Looking for a team building that not only fun and challenging is, but your team is also a real gives energy and health boosts? Discover our original group activities and step out of your comfort zone physically and mentally with your colleagues. 

Great way for more powerful collaboration

At Unfolding, everything revolves around the theme of health optimisation.
It goes without saying that mentally and physically healthy employees, work wonders! Therefore, there is nothing better than an original team building to inspire, motivate and preferably retain your team for as long as possible, right? 

Choose a team building exercise that is both challenging and unifying. 
We guarantee a day full of fun Where at the same time we actively working on health. Two birds with one stone. 

Together, we aim for a more vital, energetic and stress-resistant life. Our workshops and experiences fit perfectly within organisations' vitality or sustainability policies and lead to less absenteeism.

"A must for those seeking to re-establish the connection between mind and body."

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Team building activities

We live at an unsustainable pace. "Busy" is the new normal. We struggle to unwind, put our minds on "stop" for a while and feel the need for a balanced life.

Surrender yourself to the newness, experience and space for growth within yourself. On the other hand, the wisdom of expansion, evolution and change. 

Challenge yourself to stretch yourself physically and mentally through cold training. Exposure to cold forces the body to start up microscopic repair systems, reducing the risk of disease and making us live years longer. 

Boost your team with a Cold Experience

Choose a team building that not just fun and challenging is, but which also literally gives you a boost!

This experience gives an instant energy boost and brings you completely back to the here and now. Experience a more purposeful cooperation and greater job satisfaction.

An original alternative for fun team building and an unforgettable day!

Team building activity

Trainer and Inspirer

Thomas Vyncke

After more than 15 years of study and experience, along with a background in health and rehabilitation sciences, a Master's in Clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunology, Fascial Manipulation, and Intermittent Living, Thomas has gathered an in-depth knowledge of human functioning.


Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.


Team building activity

Learn how to keep your cool under stress

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Challenge your stress tolerance during this active team building. 

A heat experience is ideal for people who are often under stress. You will learn and experience how to keep a cool head under stressful situations. 

We work with 2 teams during this activity to make it competitive. With whom will you cooperate and who is in the winning team?

Discover the power of breathing

Together with your teammates, learn different breathing techniques that you can use for more peace, health , vitality and performance!

During this workshop, you will learn how to breathe consciously.

Get out of your head into your body! Discover with your team members how you can in a few steps van stress to calmness and resilience, 

Experience how breathing can make you feel more energised and develop a strong immune system.

Discover the power of Breathing together!

Team building activity
Team building activity

Intermittent Living activity for a core healthy life

In a world where health challenges and creeping dangers lurk, we invite you to eand unique journey to well-being and vitality. Get your inspire in the quest for a healthier and more resilient life. This team-building activity highlights science-based advice that help you deal with the complex dangers of your lifestyle, 

Whether you have specific health problems or are brimming with vitality. Intermittent Living offers concrete insights and practical methods To enrich your daily life and promote well-being.

Get carried away by the power of breathing, the protective effects of cold, the transformative benefits of intermittent fasting, the influence of food variety on happiness, and discover what thirst can do for you self-confidence. Together we embark on a journey to a balanced lifestyle and strive for a collective state of well-being.

Immerse yourself in this experience, get inspired and discover how you can thrive as a team by making health and vitality central to your daily lives. 

Team building activities

A Journey to a Happy, Healthy Life.

Each company and each team's needs are different.

Contact us to organise something together from a half-day, full-day or multi-day retreats. 

Our ultimate goal? Empowering you and your colleagues by learning and applying lifestyle interventions so they learn and feel what it means to them.

We expand the comfort zone by doing activities we haven't done before. The bigger the comfort zone, the more you can grow. When you do something you've never done before, you train not just your intelligence but also your creativity.

That way, you discover more and develop new skills. 

So step out of that comfort zone and explore!

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Team building activity

Would you like to combine fun activities? Ask us about it!

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The Unfolding Podcast

In this podcast, we invite you into an oasis of candid conversations, deep connections, and authentic stories.

We delve into consciousness, happiness, health, spirituality, and life itself.

Our mission is simple yet powerful: we inspire and empower people to raise awareness, grow, and thrive.

Q&A about a team building activity

We work with groups from 8 participants up to 16 participants. 

If the group is larger, we can look at tailor-made options.

Absolutely, we always provide tailor-made solutions so we can also put together a workshop of, say, 2h during your day event. 

It is totally OK to put on clothes when braving the ice bath. For example, you can wear a long/ loose t-shirt with shorts. It is important to us that everyone feels comfortable.