Team building activity


Looking for a team outing that is not only fun and challenging, but also gives your team a boost? We work for business on a customised basis. Below you will find some possibilities. Do not hesitate to contact us for a tailor-made workshop!

Team building activity

Looking for a original team building?

Employees are essential to an organisation. It goes without saying that mentally and physically healthy employees, work wonders! Therefore, there is nothing better than an original team building to inspire, motivate and retain your employees. 

Looking for an activity that is both challenging and connective? Then you have come to the right place. We guarantee a day full of fun while also actively working on health. Two birds with one stone. 

Together, we strive for a more vital, energetic and stress-resistant life. Our workshops fit perfectly within organisations' vitality or sustainability policies and lead to less absenteeism.

Team building activity

A Journey to a Happy, Healthy Life.

Every company is different and the needs of every business are different. Customisation is therefore our strength. The duration, location and exact content of the training courses or workshops are always agreed in consultation.

So together we put together something of a half-day, full-day or multi-day retreats. 

Our goal? Empowering people by teaching and applying lifestyle interventions so that they both learn and effectively feel what it means for them.

We make the comfort zone bigger by doing things we haven't done before. The bigger the comfort zone, the more you can grow. When you do something you have never done before, you not only train your intelligence but also your creativity.

That way, you discover more and develop new skills. So step out of that comfort zone and explore!

Possible team building activities

Boost your team with a workshop ice baths

As a teambuilding activity

Choose a team outing that is not only fun and challenging, but also literally gives you a boost! This workshop will contribute to the vitality and productivity of your employees. Instantly ensure more focused cooperation and increased job satisfaction. 

You will learn very targeted, short, powerful and effective exercises that you can easily apply in your daily life around Intermittent Living, cold, breathing, focus and brain training. 

Want to know more about a cold workshop?

"Awareness of health and mental strength"

Team building activity
Team building activity

Learn how to keep your cool under stress

As a teambuilding activity

A heat intervention is ideal for people who are often under stress. You literally learn how to keep your cool. 

Our capacity for thermoregulation is central here. We strive to keep our body temperature as ideal as possible. And best of all, you can train this capacity!

Discover the power of breathing together

As a teambuilding activity

Learn different breathing techniques that you can use for more peace, health , vitality and performance!

Learn how to breathe consciously, get out of your head into your body! Discover how to go from stress to calm and resilience in a few steps, Experience how breathing can make you feel more energised and develop a strong immune system.

Discover the Power of Breathing together!

Team building activity

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Team building activity

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