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Get to know your breathing, nervous system and how it affects the way you communicate. Take back responsibility to communicate powerfully and clearly from genuine confidence.




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Our training courses offer substantiated knowledge and practical exercises that are directly applicable in daily practice. We provide active and practical tips to get closer to yourself again, contributing to honest and open communication.

When you are closer to yourself, you are more able to recognise and understand your own reactions and emotions without reflecting and expressing this on others. This enables you to respond to challenging situations in a proactive and thoughtful way, instead of acting reactively from impulsivity or frustration.

We are strengthening the connection between mental, physical and emotional well-being. Safety is central to us. We emphasise its importance and create a safe environment, where openness is possible and growth is optimally encouraged.

Hi, my name is Thomas

After more than 15 years of academic studies and practical experience, with a Masters in health and rehabilitation sciences & Clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunology Thomas has specialised in several fields, including, Fascial Manipulation and Intermittent Living. These areas of expertise have given him a deep understanding of human functioning.

An authentic leader encourages the growth of everyone they come into contact with.

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Enter a world of self-awareness and powerful communication

Learning to engage in self-reflection helps you understand what you really care about, what your needs are and how best to interact with yourself and others.

When you are closer to yourself, this automatically affects the way you communicate with others. You express yourself more authentically and transparently in your communication, because you have a deeper understanding of your own thoughts and feelings. This leads to more openness, insight and understanding in your interactions with others. An added benefit is that this leads to stronger relationships and better cooperation within the team. 

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follow-up sessions and support to ensure implementation of new skills.

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"Enriching - inspiring - connecting.

Thomas & Christina from Unfolding took our team on a full day's journey. On the programme: breathing exercises, a refreshing walk, ice-cold cold plunges in the Semois & an immensely intense ecstatic breathing session. What an ab-so-lutely surprising, enriching, groundbreaking and above all connecting experience for our team. You can effectively do anything, as long as you believe in it yourself. Never before have we delved so deeply into our own bodies. The concept of Intermittent Living has triggered us, and we are happy to continue working on that. You left behind a grateful & stronger connected team. Sincere thanks for this, Thomas & Christina!"
"Very inspiring and motivating sessions I was able to attend with Thomas and Christina. The power of breathing combined with theory like no one had ever explained to me before. Clear and powerful but above all to the point without trying to gloss over it. It's all about me. A phrase they taught us, made us feel and that will stay with me for life. Very special! Very grateful for these 2 top talents. Very highly recommended :)!"
Patricia P.
"Incredible experience for people who want to experience what it is like to live again and no longer be stuck in a certain pattern. Stepping out of your comfort zone, accepting what comes at you and trusting your own strength. Thank you to Thomas & Christina for facilitating this."
Gunter R.
"The Unfolding journey with Thomas and Christina was an enriching experience. Highly recommended for those who want to reconnect mind and body and explore/explore the wonderful world of breathing."
Carline C.

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In our stress management training we focus on preventing burnout and dealing with negative stress. Individual coaching offers practical help with chronic stress and high work pressure. Actually learn how you experience stress and how to deal with it & prevent burnout with this stress management training.