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We motivate and inspire people to strengthen their own mental and physical well-being so that they choose a healthy, active and conscious lifestyle. 

Cocoa bean

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Airofit Pro 2.0

Airofit Pro 2.0




Airofit Active



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smart ring

Ultrahuman Ring AIR

Available in 4 colours

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Pranamat ECO

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With over 10,000+ lotus points, the Pranamat stimulates blood and lymph flow from the very first use. This results in improved microcirculation, allowing your skin, muscles and internal organs to receive more oxygen, benefiting every cell. Fights inflammation and supports your physical well-being.

nail mats

Pranamat ECO

nail mats

Pranamat ECO

nail mats

Pranamat ECO

By Menoodj 

Allignment Workbook

You get what you think

I am thoughts

I am thoughts

Somnox Sleep programme

Improve your sleep and feel more energetic during the day. Feeling and following calming breathing will calm your mind, reduce stress and help you fall asleep (back) faster

Black Out Sleep mask

Ideal for deep breathwork sessions as you can open your eyes and still not see anything. The mask adapts to your personal characteristics to ensure there is no pressure on your eyes, nose or around your head. It offers 100% darkness

100% pure cocoa

unfolding companies
Unique quality cocoa, straight from the farm.

Kpni Treat

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Gluten-free, lactose-free, milk protein-free, soy-free, no refined sugars, no legumes, no burdensome starches from rice, potato or corn.


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Flour mixes for healthy bread, without junk, gluten-free and organic

Yugen Kombucha

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Organic fermented tea drink


- 10% discount on nutritional supplementation

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Wide choice of over 350 specialist products. Free of unnecessary additives and allergens

Biohacking Essentials

Designed to optimise biological processes. This category offers cutting-edge tools for health improvement and well-being. Biohack your lifestyle with these tools for optimised mental and physical health.

blue light blocking glasses

Blue light blockers

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Stimulate melatonin production in the evening &promote a healthy sleep cycle


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Round and oval stock tanks

Light therapy lamp

Purchase via

Regulating biorhythms & generating energy in the morning

Grounding pillowcase

earthing pillowcase

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By grounding your body, you enable it to drain excess positive electrodes and let negative electrodes into your body.


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Scientific studies are putting mushrooms in a new light. They have been used for thousands of years for their incredible qualities. Produced with a use of a high-tech 3-fold extraction procedure. In the process, all extracts are standardised to 30% polysaccharides.


Contains highly active beta-1,3-glucans. Contributes to the normal function of blood vessels and the immune system

Lions Mane

Fighting anxiety and depression, Promoting neurogenesis and improving brain function


Contains polysaccharides, antioxidants and plant steroids that help stimulate the immune system


food tracks

3 liquid extracts of Reishi, Chaga and Lion's mane mushroom

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