School of growth

Breathwork & accountability partners in personal growth

School of growth

Unfolding Growth with Breathwork

The power and growth that comes from people working on personal growth together is magical. We challenge you to Think bigger, act smarter and get results faster.

How are we going to do this? By:

This is an accessible tool for people looking for more depth and accountability during their constant growth process.

From comfort and patterns that repeat, to self-insight and confidence.

Ready to unfold your state of Being?

Modifying your state of Being can transform the events that happen to you. The person who knows himself, his own Being, the container of his thoughts, ideas, and attitudes, also knows his own future; for our psychology is our destiny. ~ Lupelius

HOW we do it

The course

We not only shape the future more, but dare to rewrite it. 
Unfolding offers a transformative path to a better future, an evolution that does not stop.

1. Inspiration & Transformation

Supporting personal growth is our core. In a safe, challenging environment embody change and inspire you to become creator of your life.

2. Embodiment

Body and mind are like yin and yang; not one without the other. To unleash your full potential, we help you on your way to a strong body and a strong mind.

3. Love & Connection

Knowing, loving, and caring for yourself is the fertile soil for deep connections. When extended to others with love and care, it forms a unifying bond.

4. Sharing

Our caring core is to provide knowledge unlimited and to share & you to empowering To forge your own life. Together reach unreachable heights & give and receive

For whom

You can participate if you have the personal growth path have completed and are looking for tools to deepen your growth more &:

 Hwant to take life into your own hands
 You gWant to continue rowing in a safe environment
Je want to get more out of life & strive for constant self-improvement

Is the answer YES? If so, you are more than welcome.

Once again, we are going for a special and powerful experience and support you in your process. 

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Kontichsesteenweg 44, 2630 Aartselaar


Every 3rd Wednesday of the month from 7.30pm to 10pm


€99 (Excl. VAT)/Session

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max. 10 persons per course

Each group of up to 10 participants forms a tribe, meeting once/month and forming a close-knit group for 6 months.