Unfolding health & potential

Making the invisible visible to reclaim authenticity

Our body communicates through sensing symptoms.

Take again responsibility for who you are, what you do and the life you lead.

Many of us give away all our energy on a daily basis, leading to dysbalance on a physical, mental, energetic and/or emotional level. Our body often subtly communicates this through our intuition, by making us feel not to trust someone or not to accept a job. If we ignore these signals, we create more dysbalance and our body will produce louder symptoms to get our attention.

The longer we ignore these signals, the more you resist resistance, the less you live the life that serves you.

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The Unfolding method

From thoughts to your own unique experience:

You are the creator of your own reality, both of the pleasant and less pleasant aspects. Your state of being determines the experience you experience. If it matches your expectations, you are satisfied. If not, anger, disappointment or fear may arise.

The Unfolding method reveals itself as Pandora's box. When you begin to expand and develop your awareness, events will happen synchronously to help you grow.

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Becoming aware of your blind spots will awaken your passion for life and your dreams. You reconnect with your authentic self and make choices based on the future you want to face instead of the past that determines your fate.

Embrace yourself as the creator of your own reality and discover your true potential in the unique life you live.


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Experience unfolding

Possible issues in which you recognize yourself.

What topics are covered in pni therapy?


Intermittent Living




Breathing and sleeping


Eating habits and fasting

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Neurology and psychology


Physical and mental performance





Psycho-Neuro-Immunology therapy

What can I do for you?

When do we consider ourselves healthy as human beings? In my opinion, it is when our bodies can adapt flexibly to changes in the environment. Therefore, within the field of KPNI (Klinische Psycho-Neuro-Immunologie), health is defined as the mental, physical, and social capacity to adjust to varying circumstances.

The recognized scientific basis of KPNI is built upon the latest research findings in nutrition, immunology, endocrinology, neurology, and psychology. 

KPNI therapists adopt a holistic approach when examining individuals, treating them as integrated entities rather than compartmentalized cases. The focus lies in understanding how the body functions as a whole and how symptoms or illnesses can arise in an individual. KPNI therapy represents a solution-oriented, integrative medicine approach that combines diverse insights. By assembling these pieces of the puzzle, we gain a comprehensive understanding of the symptoms and determine the necessary steps to restore the body's health and flexibility. 

As a KPNI therapist, I possess the skills for diagnosis, treatment strategies, and interventions aimed at restoring the body's optimal functioning, ultimately reducing or eliminating complaints. Equally important is the knowledge of how to maintain this balance and prevent future issues from arising.

Our Intermittent Living workshops are based on kPNI science

. Intermittent Living serves as a scientific guide for promoting robust mental and physical well-being. It involves incorporating evolutionary stimuli that are familiar to our bodies and brains, thus safeguarding them from the detrimental effects of modern lifestyles. Each workshop commences with a session of Deep Learning, providing participants with the essential knowledge to continue implementing these practices at home. 

Our workshops welcome individuals who are motivated to make positive changes They are designed for both athletic individuals seeking to push their boundaries and non-athletic individuals aiming to shed some weight and break free from unhealthy habits.

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