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personal growth

Opt for strong physical, emotional and mental health

Are you living a life of happiness or do you feel you are missing something, there is more to be gained or you are not living to your full potential? 

During this training, you will learn to let go of limiting patterns and how to grow into the person you really want to be.

A liberation in which you let go of unnecessary ballast, get to know yourself better and start living in alignment again.

This personal development takes a deeper look at:

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Personal development programme

Inhale Change, Exhale Transformation

Ecstatic breathwork is a powerful and transformative breathing exercise that takes you on a deep inner journey. It is a breathing method that helps you dig deeper into yourself on a physical level, release blockages and tensions, move stuck emotions and expand your awareness.

In each module of our personal development programme, we apply ecstatic breathwork; it is the common thread, so to speak, to really integrate your personal development. 

Dare to challenge yourself and grow in ways you never thought possible. You will undoubtedly be amazed by the unimaginable results it brings!

Part 1: The workings of our nervous system

During the first module of this personal development course, we will explore the Nervus Vagus and the Polyvagal theory (the science of feeling connected and secure). We dive into the function of the vagus nerve and learn why it is important to stimulate this nerve. We explore the characteristics of the three states of our nervous system (safety, fight or flight, freeze). By gaining this valuable knowledge, you will gain a better understanding of how your body and mind respond to stress through practical tips, and learn how to work with this yourself in your personal growth process.

Part 2: Learning to (re)recognise thoughts

You shape your own reality through your thoughts. Every action stems from an original thought; they play a crucial role in our lives, often without our awareness. Throughout the day, they guide us and shape our experiences. Here's the beauty: you are the creator of your thoughts, and we show you through practical tools how to become more aware of this.

Thoughts are not random events; they are conscious creations with the power to influence your perception of the world. And most importantly? Thoughts are free of judgement; they are just experiences, not inherently good or bad. What really matters is how you choose to deal with them.

Negative thoughts may seem daunting, but they point you in the direction of what you don't want, and they can lead you in a more positive direction. And remember: you always have the power to change your thoughts.

Are you ready to take back control of your reality by directing your thoughts? Let's go on a journey of discovery together and explore the transformative journey ahead!

Part 3: The power of emotions ~ "What doesn't heal, repeats"

Learn more about emotions and the impact they have in your daily life. All emotions have evolutionary origins and fulfil a function in our lives. When a emotion gets stuck or out of balance, we suffer from it. It is essential to unlock your emotions and learn how to experience them in a healthy way. By working on this, you will prevent unresolved emotions keep returning in your life. Discover the power of emotions and include them in your personal growth process. Understand their meaning, learn to embrace them and bring healing where needed.

Els De Wachter
AZ Klina project manager

Enriching - warm - grateful

I found the personal growth journey incredibly fascinating. What I find most valuable is that you can do anything you want, if you believe it yourself. I just want to say thank you to you to follow your passion and heart, giving us the chance to find our way back to our own hearts. It is beautiful to see how you do this together, that alone is inspiring.

Part 4: Breathing as an accelerator

After learning about the nervous system, the vagus nerve, thoughts and emotions, it's time to take conscious control of your own state of being through breathing. Learn how certain breathing techniques work and experience how you can control yourself by adjusting the speed, depth and location of your breathing, among other things. Discover the transformative power of breathing and experience how it supports you in your personal growth process. Take the control your physical, mental and emotional well-being.  Explore the possibilities and let the breath lead you to a deeper level of self-awareness and growth.


Part 5: Self-reflection and shadow work

Self-reflection is a powerful tool for personal development and growth. It enables us to become aware of our own thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Through self-reflection, we explore how these aspects affect our daily lives. It is a challenging but necessary process that helps us grow and evolve as individuals.

Through self-reflection, we gain a deeper understanding of our inner world. We become aware of our shadow sides and learn to recognise our own pitfalls. This enables us to transform these aspects and turn them into strengths. Self-reflection empowers us to make conscious choices and steer our lives in the desired direction.

Take time to understand yourself better, to dwell on your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This process will help you grow, evolve and become the best version of yourself.

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7pm to 9.30pm
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18 Sept - 9 Oct - 23 Oct - 6 Nov - 27 Nov
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You invest €130 excl VAT per session in yourself (=€650 excl VAT for the total course).

** Payment in instalments & by invoice is possible

VAT inclusive = €157.30 per session (= €786.50 excluding VAT for the total course).
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Gilles Heymans
Change Manager

Awareness - Passionate - Inspiring

The personal growth journey has taught me to put situations into perspective and choose for myself how I deal with certain situations. I have been doing personal development for several years so I have already "dug in" and done some self-reflection. The way you explain and present everything has given me additional practical tools to live more from within myself.

For whom

You want to take life back into your own hands
Je know that growth is inextricably linked to success
Jhe feels there is more to get out of life & strives for self-improvement
You crave personal development and advancement

Is the answer YES? Then you have come to the right place.

By participating in the personal development track, you not only promote your own personal development, but also connect with other people who share similar interests. It is a special and powerful experience in a safe and supportive environment.

During this journey, you will get the tools, insights and guidance you need to take steps towards a life where personal development and self-improvement are central. You will discover how to take life back into your own hands and how growth is inextricably linked to success.

A journey full of challenges, transformation and empowerment.

personal growth

Connect with the present. Expand the future

At the end of our personal development programmes, we briefly ask participants for feedback. 1 of the questions was to summarise the trajectory in 3 words. These are some of the answers:

Me - Change- Growth
Powerful - Magical - Intense
Emotional - Profound - Inspiring
Mindblowing - Heartwarming - Welcome
Inspiring - Transforming - Healing
✓ Awareness - Passion - Inspiration

Also working on your personal development?

Personal development
Ecstatic Breathwork
Rayco Espantoso
CEO Las Manas

"Ecstatic Breathwork discharges mentally and physically and gives so much energy"

My first experience was literally and figuratively breathtaking. I did not expect at all that the effect on my body, mentally, physically, and emotionally would be so great. Mentally, I experienced relief, and emotionally, I allowed myself to be vulnerable. It was important to me that this happened in a safe environment. The experience was fantastic, unique! The fact that you can experience such a rush simply by breathing is a revelation to me. It has enlightened me tremendously. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Physically, it provides an AMAZING feeling. You can truly feel the energy, as if everything around you is vibrating—a feeling that is not easily encountered. Describing the real sensation is very difficult; you have to experience it yourself to truly understand. I highly recommend everyone to immerse themselves in this experience."

Personal development to prevent burnout

By diving into personal development, you prevent the risk of burnout exponentially. When you develop awareness around yourself, stress management and a better work-life balance, you will recognise signs of overload, know when and how to reduce your stress and build more resilience. 

How to set personal goals?

Setting goals in life is powerful for moving forward. There are a number of steps you can follow. Check whether your personal goals meet the following five conditions:

  1. Positively formulated
  2. Specific
  3. Within own control
  4. Ecological (i.e. your goal should be good for yourself and others)
  5. Sensory described (seeing, hearing, feeling, etc.)

Tip on goal setting: Avoid the words "more & better".
Example of a personal goal: "connect with my humorous side"

Limited goals create limited lives. So stretch yourself as far as you want in setting your goals. You need to decide what you want, because that's the only way you can expect to get it. ~ Tony Robbins

Is personal development an ongoing process?

Personal development is an ongoing process because life is constantly changing. No matter how nice and stable your current situation seems, tomorrow unexpected events may occur that change your path. It is essential to be flexible and adapt to new circumstances. In addition, personal development takes time and effort. It is an ongoing journey of learning, growing and evolving. Be patient with yourself and give yourself time to achieve your goals. Every step forward is a success to be proud of. Action is the key to achieving your dreams. Keep investing in your personal growth because it is customisation that enriches and transforms your life.

Books on personal growth

Bring about change in your personal growth and development yourself already by reading books. Here we like to give 10 examples of books on personal development:

  1. "The 7 habits of highly effective people" by stephen r. Covey
  2. "mindset: the new psychology of success" by carol s. Dweck
  3. "atomic habits: an easy & proven way to build good habits & break bad ones" by james clear
  4. "becoming: a guided journal for discovering your voice" by michelle obama
  5. "the power of now: a guide to spiritual enlightenment" by eckhart tolle
  6. "man's search for meaning" by viktor e. Frankl
  7. "the four agreements: a practical guide to personal freedom" by don miguel ruiz
  8. "daring greatly: how the courage to be vulnerable transforms the way we live, love, parent, and lead" by brené browne
  9. "the subtle art of not giving a f*ck: a counterintuitive approach to living a good life" by mark manson
  10. "think and grow rich" by napoleon hill

Podcasts on personal development

Here are some interesting podcasts on personal development:

  1. The UNFOLDING podcast
  2. "The Tony Robbins Podcast" - Tony Robbins
  3. "The School of Greatness" - Lewis Howes
  4. "The Life Coach School Podcast" - Brooke Castillo
  5. "The Tim Ferriss Show" - Tim Ferriss
  6. "The Minimalists Podcast" - Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus
  7. "The Lavendaire Lifestyle" - Aileen Xu
  8. "The Brendon Show" - Brendon Burchard
  9. "Happier with Gretchen Rubin" - Gretchen Rubin
  10. "The Life Coach School" - Brooke Castillo
  11. "Optimal Living Daily" - Justin Malik

Would you like to listen to podcasts that Thomas has already spoken in? Then take a look here

Learn to deal with less pleasant emotions

Negative thoughts and less pleasant emotions are a natural part of life. It is important to find healthy ways to deal with them. Learning stress management techniques, such as breathing exercises, meditation or exercise, can help reduce stress and build resilience.

Another powerful step is to engage in forgiveness, both for others and for yourself. Forgiveness frees you from negative experiences and resentment, and creates space for growth, relationship restoration and inner peace.

Accepting negative feelings and thoughts, rather than suppressing them, paradoxically helps in letting them go.

This acceptance opens the door to a lighter life. Striving for balance in your life, paying attention to different aspects, also contributes to your personal.development

Developing social skills

Developing social skills and effective communication is invaluable for personal growth. It enables us to communicate in an authentic and respectful way, building deeper relationships and handling conflict situations more effectively. It is a process that requires awareness, practice and patience.

Improving your communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal, enriches our social interactions and positively impacts those around us. It includes expressing our thoughts, feelings and needs clearly and respectfully, leading to better cooperation and fewer misunderstandings.

Get to know your own behaviour and language better, understand social dynamics, show empathy, develop assertiveness and thus build confidence. 

Invest in yourself and discover how developing both social and communication skills enhances your personal growth. By making conscious choices in your interactions and improving your communication, you will soon notice that you not only build a better connection with others, but also a deeper connection with yourself. This will help you create successful relationships and boost your personal growth

Another powerful step is to engage in forgiveness, both for others and for yourself. Forgiveness frees you from negative experiences and resentment, and creates space for growth, relationship restoration and inner peace.

Accepting negative feelings and thoughts, rather than suppressing them, paradoxically helps in letting them go.

This acceptance opens the door to a lighter life. Striving for balance in your life, paying attention to different aspects, also contributes to your personal growth.

Build a healthy lifestyle for optimal well-being

Building a healthy lifestyle can sometimes seem like a huge challenge, but it is actually about self-care. Just about any kind of growth in life requires a piece of personal development. Take charge of your own physical health and mental well-being, ensure adequate sleep, regular exercise and balanced nutrition.

Embrace change and build step by step a healthy lifestyle that energises you, strengthens your immune system and promotes your overall well-being.

Not sure where to start? Then take a look among our workshops, where we work strongly on this topic.

Discover how Ecstatic Breathwork can help you perform better as an entrepreneur and boost your personal development.

In the pursuit of personal growth, concrete goals are essential. Sometimes we are hindered by negative emotions, but it is precisely this inner drive to grow that drives us forward. Personal development covers different areas of our lives and provides an opportunity to develop new skills. Continuing to develop even in uncomfortable situations is crucial for personal growth and development.