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Moonbird Review

Moonbird is a supportive breathing tool for stress, anxiety and sleep problems. The device is made of a soft silicone material and expands and contracts allowing you to intuitively breathe along.

By the way, did you know that Moonbird a Belgian company is from Michael and Stefanie Broes and that the device also effectively in Belgium is made? Not a Chinese device, then (and we have seen that for ourselves at their office😉 )!

Moonbird experience

What to expect from Moonbird:

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Hi, we are Thomas & Christina!

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Moonbird breathing apparatus

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Our personal experiences with moonbird

We were initially sceptical about the device, but you can only give an honest answer once you have tested it. Thus, we tested Moonbird for several weeks.

First of all, Moonbird has a beautiful design, soft texture and is very comfortable in your hand. 

The device expands and contracts so you can intuitively breathe along at the pace you set via the app or choose from one of the programmes it offers.

Besides the different programmes, you can also track the effects on your body.

The biggest advantage for me is that you can also use the device WITHOUT an app. Why? Simple; I use my Moonbird myself in my bed just before I go to sleep, a time when my mobile phone is far away from my bedroom.... 

I set my own breathing rhythm in the app and set it as my favourite programme, that programme is then linked to my Moonbird. 

Before I fall asleep, I put it aside again and ready. No hassle of dealing with a blue screen/ mobile phone anymore! 

I am very happy with my Moonbird because it allows me to intuitively breathe along without counting myself. 

It personally helps me get completely out of my head by me full focus on the movement of the device. Tactile information gives peace of mind! 

At what levels does Moonbird offer benefits?

We were somewhat anti-breath aids in the first place because you always have the breath in your pocket and it is important to become aware of its importance. 

However, we do believe very strongly That a resource like Moonbird is a helping hand may be to that consciousness and to enlarge

When we face (work) stress, illness, relationship worries or financial problems, we often start breathing fast and high, causing our heart rate to go up, an imbalance in oxygen levels, negatively affecting lung function and so on... 

At such times adjusting our breathing pattern is often not the first thing we think of. When you have Moonbird in your pocket at these times, it creates awareness around the fact that you can engage the breath, and you can reach for it so that you can re-settle your system.

Mental health and sleep

Good breathing

Discover the power of breathwork at a workshop

Your breathing directs your body. Conscious breathing gives you control over your health and stress, and provides more balance and mental strength.

Over 1.6 million working people experience burnout symptoms. If you experience stress or physical complaints such as fatigue, headaches or anxiety, you are not alone. Often the breath is overlooked as a solution, while a disturbed breathing pattern has a lot of impact on your well-being.

The good news: you have more control than you think. Change your breathing, change your life.

After all, you always have the ultimate tool for balanced physical, emotional and mental health in your pocket.

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How does the Moonbird work?

You choose from the standard breathing exercises via the app or set your own rhythm. When you set your own rhythm, you can stick a time on: inhale, hold, exhale and again to hold. 

In the app, you choose from the standard exercises based on exactly what you need at that moment: 

  • a breather (5 sec in, 5 sec out)
  • dozing off (4 sec in, 6 sec out)
  • box breathing (4 sec in, 4 sec fixed, 4 sec out, 4 sec fixed)
  • breathing exercise to reduce anxiety (3.5 sec in and 4.5 sec out)

After you choose your exercise, put your thumb on the sensor and the Moonbird starts the chosen breathing session. 

The Moonbird begins its tactile movements and widens with each inhale and slims back down with each exhale. A very nice feeling in the hand to sink completely into yourself. 

After your breathing session, you can view data of your heart coherence, heart rate and HRV in the app.

Moonbird Review App

Don't forget to keep breathing!

What does Moonbird measure?

Moonbird includes a PPG (photoplethysmogram) sensor that collects data on your heart rate. 

You have access to the mobile app where you can view data and get real-time biofeedback on your heart rate, heart rhythm, heart rate variability and coherence level.

Moonbird review

How often will you use Moonbird?

You can use Moonbird in the morning, in the evening or just throughout the day. Its handy size means you can take it with you and easily deploy it wherever and whenever you want... 

While waiting in line at the supermarket, while travelling, when you can't get to sleep properly or simply at home on the couch....

I myself have it next to my bed and use it every night before I go to sleep. It is the easiest way to breathe yourself to sleep. 

Because the Moonbird moves, you don't have to count yourself and can literally let yourself get carried away in the flow.

The Moonbird Breath and Sleep Coach is small and easy to carry. So you can put it in your handbag and grab it whenever you need it. 

Are you feeling stress after or before a meeting, are you impatient in a traffic jam, do you want to be during the day several breaths catch up on sleep or simply sleep better? Then these are excellent situations to call on Moonbird.

Is the use of Moonbird scientifically based?

As you may know by coming to this website, we are hugely into breathing and all its benefits. 

There has been a lot of scientific research on how our breathing affects our bodies.

The conscious calming of breathing has numerous scientifically supported benefits for the body and mind. It helps to reduce stress by reducing the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the "fight-or-flight" response. This reduces stress hormones such as cortisol, making you feel more relaxed and giving you permission to experience peace. In addition, deep, conscious breathing improves oxygenation of tissues, reducing fatigue.

Calm breathing improves focus and concentration and calms thoughts.

Calming breathing techniques increase the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system, which is associated with relaxation. This improves your sleep quality and helps against insomnia.

Deep breathing exercises lower your blood pressure, which is very beneficial for people with hypertension and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Want to know more about the healing effects of breathing? Then be sure to buy the book "Breathing: the great healer" by Patrick McKeown. Click here for the direct link to

Play Video about Breathwork Masterclass

Breathwork Masterclass

With the online masterclass, you have the opportunity to learn the principles of relaxing breathwork at your own pace. The course provides comprehensive guidance and practical exercises that allow you to apply the techniques immediately.

Moonbird review

What does a Moonbird do?

Moonbird is a fantastic tool that offers physical guidance that you can follow intuitively. In short, tactile breath guidance.

The Moonbird itself expands and contracts in your hand, offering you a slow pace to which you adjust your breathing rhythm. You inhale as the device expands and exhale when the device shrinks in your hand.

Because of this, you don't have to think or count your breaths yourself, you just have to breathe along. This allows you to dive fully into your feelings.

Moonbird has an app that lets you choose between different breathing exercises or set your personal breathing rhythm yourself.

Moonbird review
Moonbird experience

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Moonbird review