the collective name for the millions of bacteria in our bodies

From mouth to anus

What is it Microbiome?

Microbiome is the collective term for the millions of bacteria (with their specific functions) that populate our bodies from mouth to anus. As far as we know to date, there are over 10,000 different species, together accounting for 35,000,000,000,000 bacteria. 

The construction (anatomy) of our body only allows for the movement of our food and manual processing (kneading like stomach and intestines).

What is the function of bacteria in our bodies?

The bacteria in our bodies:

The impact of daily habits and nutrition on our microbiome:


Exposure to substances that alter the presence of the bacteria; environmental factors such as air pollution, ingredients in food such as gluten and sugar among others, water (if too much chlorine) and medications especially antibiotics


Nutrient deficiency( need for variety) and/or monotonous eating habits


Stress sounds very Cliché but read on. The microbiome is also called our second pair of brains. This is because they are closely related. A lot of info comes from the brain to the body, but there is also communication in the opposite direction. As a result, the brain and the microbiome influence each other. As a result, mental stress has a negative impact on our microbiome.

Also, the impact I mention creates stress in our gut. This also affects our brains.
Common = food that negatively affects the microbiome

Positive Influence on microbiome

Negative Impact on microbiome

an unhealthy microbiome.

Diseases and problems that are related to a unhealthy microbiome.

medication or therapy to obtain. Well with discovering and maintaining your OWN lifestyle"

What is healthy nutrition actually?

It is not difficult to make nutrition very complicated but most importantly, the saying "you are what you eat" applies. As cited earlier, most people have no idea what they are eating anymore.

A very simple way to eat healthily is to prepare your food yourself. Foods that do not have an ingredient list are obviously "real" food. 

Obviously, a food product with an ingredient list containing 10 tonnes of ingredients, most of which you don't even know, is not really what you can call "nutrition".

When you prepare your own meals with fresh ingredients, you already have a better idea of what you are eating, thus helping your health a great deal in the right direction.

The list "Dirty boxes" and "Clean 15"  are useful for making a choice between regular products in the shop or organic products (because of the use of chemicals and other additives) 

Of course, it is all often not self-evident and I am happy to coach you forward.

Ready to one step put at your health Journey?

Cold Experience

The unique combination of cold, movement, hypoxia, hunger and thirst creates a need for innovation in our actions and thinking

Heat Experience

Increased CO2, muscle acidification and heat literally make you unstoppable & train your overall stress tolerance


Breathing is the most forgotten and underrated life hack that you always have in your pocket and can influence yourself, you just need to learn how.

Scientific research on microbiome

The science

Read the article published in NIH, National Library of Medicine

"You Are What You Eat-The Relationship between Diet, Microbiota, and Metabolic Disorders-A Review