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As keynote speakers, our aim is to inspire and motivate your audience

Be inspired through all your senses. 

Thomas is very aware of how he communicates, engages, and connects with people. He combines knowledge and storytelling to make health topics tangible for the target audience.

"Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder."

~ Rumi

Signature keynotes

Inspirational keynote speaker

Prepare for a keynote that will redefine the rhythm of your life and set you on a path to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. Join Dr. Leo Pruimboom on an inspiring journey through the science-based concept of lifestyle medicine.

As a keynote speaker, Thomas Vyncke's goal is to amaze the audience with his presentation, inspiring and motivating them.


A keynote that redefines the rhythm of life and takes you on a path to a healthier and more fulfilling life. Take an inspiring journey through the science-based concept By Dr Leo Pruimboom.

In this presentation, you will discover the revolutionary approach of lifestyle medicine.

In a world where chronic stress often overwhelms us, we will explore how acute stress can be a remedy for it. We'll delve into the fundamental aspects of our existence during the keynote.

Intermittent Living has a profoundly positive impact on mental focus, energy levels, immunity, general well-being, and much more.

As the keynote speaker Thomas Vyncke embodies this subject with excellence 

Get ready for a captivating journey through the depths of our consciousness. In this inspiring keynote, you will delve into the layers of consciousness, an intriguing concept that can transform your perspective on yourself and the world. The keynote goes beyond mere words; you will actively engage and uncover valuable insights.

We will also share techniques for accessing the unconscious, providing you with practical tools to expand your awareness and effectively address what surfaces. This is your opportunity to undergo a transformation and unlock your deepest inner potential.

Prepare for a presentation that takes you on a captivating journey through the depths of life, where we discover that stress is not only an inescapable aspect of our existence but also the source of life and health. Unbeknownst to us, it can silently creep in as a threat of burnout. This inspiring and motivational narrative encourages positive transformation.

This visionary keynote challenges the traditional perspective on stress and encourages us to embrace its potential as a catalyst for personal and collective growth. We redefine the concept of stress, recognizing it as a powerful engine for evolution and resilience.

In nature, countless examples demonstrate how acute stress plays a vital role in the development and adaptation of organisms, leading to spectacular transformations and the wonderful diversity on our planet. But how can we, as humans, approach stress constructively and make it work to our advantage?

As a speaker, Thomas Vyncke demystifies the science and philosophy behind stress during the keynote. He provides concrete strategies for embracing stress and using it as a lever for personal growth and well-being. 

Learn how to increase your resilience and find a healthy balance between challenge and recovery.

Thomas Vyncke is an inspirational speaker who embodies full mastery of this subject



From the very first breath at birth to the last sigh, the act of breathing is always present, everywhere. It often goes unnoticed unless we experience symptoms. It's important to recognize that the absence of illness does not necessarily equate to being truly healthy.

As a keynote speaker, Thomas Vyncke will introduce you to the power of your own breath during this keynote, helping you expand your awareness and regain control over your state of 'being'.

Through the breath, you can gain mastery over your energy levels, your nervous system, and much more.

For entrepreneurs and individuals alike, breathing serves as a powerful tool for:

  • Stress management
  • Enhancing focus and concentration
  • Nurturing emotional well-being
  • Fostering connection with intuition and creativity
  • Promoting authenticity and meaningful connections
  • Supporting personal growth
  • Cultivating self-awareness


As the keynote speaker Thomas Vyncke embodies this subject with excellence 

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Keynote speaker

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The keynote speaker on Intermittent Living

Embrace the groundbreaking insights of Dr. Leo Pruimboom's new science: Intermittent Living. This keynote offers a deep dive into a revolutionary world where Intermittent Living isn't just a lifestyle; it's a science-based concept that redefines the fundamentals of health and well-being.

With profound expertise in lifestyle and systems medicine, our speaker provides an enlightening perspective on how to significantly enhance your health and quality of life. Discover how Intermittent Living leverages your body's natural rhythms to promote optimal health and increased wellness.

This keynote will take you on a voyage of discovery, where you'll explore the latest science and gain practical tools to transform your life. Whether you're seeking a healthier, more energetic life or are intrigued by the future of health, this concept offers invaluable knowledge and inspiration."

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Take the time to master your mind care for your body & nourish your soul

Inspire, motivate, activate, and captivate – this is our speaker's passion. Whether it's for a company, sports club, or cultural organization, he thrives on speaking to anyone eager to extract more from life. As a keynote speaker, he provides practical tools to help you achieve just that—making it an experiential and entertaining journey, always 'to the point.

Our keynote speaker is enthusiastic about assisting you in getting closer to your ambitions and goals. However, before you can wholeheartedly pursue your dreams and ambitions, it's crucial to first identify and overcome your personal obstacles.


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Thomas Vyncke, a keynote speaker

As an inspirer, motivator and holistic therapist, he coaches individuals and companies on attaining inner peace and physical healing

By nature, he possesses an enormous zest for life. His energy flows abundantly when he feels a connection with what he does. Finding his passion has led to dedication and mastery.

His motivation and inner drive originated from from his own quest for optimal health. At the age of 21, he received the diagnosis that he would develop Crohn's disease and face a life of chronic illness, medication, and surgery. This diagnosis deeply affected him. 

He decided that this would NOT be his future .

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Make your event unforgettable with a keynote speaker who has the ability to create a deep and lasting impression on the audience. With an irresistible mix of charisma, passion and expertise, we motivate guests to push their limits and reach their full potential.

A keynote speaker delivers a powerful message that will resonate long after the event has concluded. Take your event to the next level and inspire your audience."