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Step off the speeding train of contemporary life, and embrace the invigorating power of cold. In a world where 'busy' is the new normal, it seems we are constantly on the run. We long for a moment of silence, a break from our stream of thought and a chance to put ourselves back in balance bring.

This journey to self-discovery is imbued with a sense of adventure, an invitation to surrender yourself to the unknown.

On the one hand, the excitement of the new, the surprise of experience, and the space for inner growth. On the other side lies the profound wisdom of expansion, evolution and change.

Are you someone who:

"The cold sharpens the mind and strengthens the will."
~ Scott Carney

Step out of your comfort zone and embrace the cold. Be taken on a journey of personal development where you not only embrace the science of cold, but also discover the power to gain more energy, increase your focus, boost your self-confidence, and manage stress better.

Find yourself, flourish and thrive in a refreshing embrace with the cold. Dare to challenge and transform yourself. 

Are you ready for this exciting journey of discovery?

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Sunday 10 December from 9am to 12pm


€90 (Incl. VAT)


Results of cold training

Cold training as a treatment for medical problems

Cold has been revered for centuries as a sort of universal panacea. Advocates employ it as a therapeutic treatment or various medical conditions such as depression, fear, insomnia and arthritis. For numerous individuals, it has become an integral component of a healthy lifestyle. We use cold training to the improve overall health, well-being and longevity,...

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