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Our goal is to enable people to improve their taking health back into your own hands. With that reason, we offer training programs to those aimed at practical health promotion strategies, better known as Intermittent Living.

Are you looking for ideas to shape your next team building or want to bring your employees closer together in a different way?

Intermittent Living ensures that your team disconnects, resets and reconnects.

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Intermittent Living for businesses

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We are committed to the following Intermittent Living interventions

Learn on a interactive way biohacks and lifestyle interventions to improve your overall health. Everything we train has a compelling scientific evidence.

Cold Therapy

Learn and/or experience the benefits of short-term exposure to cold. Cold boosts the immune system and protects us from infections and oxidative stress

Heat therapy

Undergoing acute intense heat stimulation is one of the most health-boosting lifestyle interventions. Heat interventions help ourselves to increase our decisiveness in stressful situations.


Breathing is our "Chill Pill", we control our nervous system with it. Learn how and which breathing techniques you can use for specific purposes

Brain Training

Learn how to train, challenge and improve our cognitive functions


Exercising on an empty stomach stimulates the production of our mitochondria, or energy factories in our muscles


We fast when we do not eat or drink for short periods of time. With this, we restore our metabolic flexibility and so much more.

Intermitting Living for businesses
tailored to business objectives

Fit employees ARE THE BEATING heart of your business.

Wellbeing is not just an asset, it's a; game changer and the key to success. By implementing corporate welfare initiatives and fostering a cultural shift you can pave the way towards achieving your goals.

Linking a wellness program to your sustainable objectives and initiatives can create a positive impact throughout your organization.

Health -> wellbeing -> business performance

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