Intermittent living

The stimulation of momentary stress stimuli and harnessing their healing power

When was the last time you felt truly hungry or thirsty? Open the fridge and indulge, as there is always food and drink readily available.

We adjust the knob on our heating or air conditioning system to achieve the desired temperature. Heating and/or cooling is still a luxury, as we always have personal control over it.

If you are still feeling slightly ill or experiencing minor symptoms of a cold, we promptly resort to medication and other remedies.

By creating an environment where we have access to every convenience, we have lost our primal wisdom.

Living in comfort makes us sick. While comfort is enjoyable, it can be detrimental to our bodies and brains..

intermittent living

Stronger mental & physical health

When considering the concept of intermittent living, one typically associates it with temporary stimuli such as exposure to cold, heat, thirst, hunger, intense physical exercise, cognitive challenges under time pressure, or oxygen stimuli.

The detrimental effects of our contemporary lifestyle, characterized by prolonged sitting, a high-calorie diet, and continuous exposure to emotional stress and toxins, present a significant challenge to our health. Dr. Leo Pruimboom's concept provides evidence-based and practical guidance to address the underlying hazards prevalent in our modern society, whether one has specific health issues or is in good health. It is relevant to everyone. Intermittent living is; preventive as protective and curative. It helps in preventing illness and facilitates the healing process when you are ill.

The concept brings us one step closer to our primal nature as Homo sapiens. It reconnects us with transient primal stimuli such as cold, CO2, hunger, thirst, and many other aspects of our existence.

Frequent and prolonged stays within your comfort zone leads to weakness, diminished cognitive abilities, and illness. Continual comfort in daily life contributes to an evolution from Homo sapiens to Homo fragilis.

Learn & Experience Intermittent Living

Intermittent Cold

Discover the power of cold and step out of your comfort zone! Reconnect with the fundamental aspects of human existence and unlock your full potential. In just 5 hours we provide a comprehensive immersion into the concept of cold, beginning with an inspiring keynote and in-depth explanation of the Intermittent Living concept. During this session, you will learn practical applications of incorporating cold into your daily life and understand its remarkable effectiveness, especially when combined with other interventions.

Following the theoretical portion, it's time for action! You will engage in a walk, practice hypoxia breathing, and explore various sitting breaks. Finally, as a group, you will experience the invigorating ice bath, which not only provides a refreshing sensation but also offers numerous benefits.

intermittent living

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Intermittent Heat

Do you want to elevate yourself to the next level and make your body stronger than ever before? If so, this heat and acidification workout is perfect for you.

By engaging with extreme temperatures, you activate your body in a completely new way, providing an unparalleled experience. 

Prepare to be amazed by the potency of intermittent heat! Discover how this lifestyle intervention can empower you to be your best self, regardless of the circumstances.

intermittent living

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Intermittent living

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Imagine struggling day in and day out with anxiety, stress, worry, and insecurity. It feels as though you're trapped in your own thoughts, caught in a never-ending cycle from which escape seems impossible. Despite trying various methods, nothing appears to truly alleviate your distress, leaving you feeling disheartened and depleted.

But what if I told you there's a simple biohack that can help reduce anxiety and stress, improve sleep quality, boost immunity, and enhance athletic performance? This age-old biohack is often overlooked but holds incredible potential. 

Through conscious breathing techniques, you can liberate yourself from the tensions of daily life. Reconnecting with your breath has the power to transform your life in a positive way. 

You'll experience heightened focus, make better decisions, and even cultivate stronger leadership skills. And the best part is, this tool is always within your reach. All you need to do is learn how to harness its power.

intermittent living
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Preventive, protective and curative

Intermittent living coach

Are you prepared to prioritize yourself and your health? You've come to the perfect destination with us!

Our personalized 1-on-1 sessions offer the perfect opportunity to collaborate on enhancing your health and achieving remarkable success in life. We begin by identifying your individual goals and aspirations, whether it's enhancing athletic performance, optimizing overall health, or boosting cognitive abilities.

Throughout the sessions, we provide expert guidance on integrating intermittent living seamlessly into your daily routine, ensuring that you fully experience its wide-ranging benefits. Together, we'll work towards unlocking your full potential and surpassing your goals!

Breathing workshop

Why is it referred to as intermittent living?

The term stems from the fact that the stress stimuli we utilize are always brief in duration. If you encounter the same stress stimulus for an extended period or in a repetitive manner each day, it ceases to be a stimulus and loses its efficacy.

You may be inclined to think, "Isn't stress something we should avoid? It's not healthy," right? However, we are specifically referring to acute stress rather than chronic stress. The stressors we employ are hormetic stimuli that have traditionally safeguarded our health.

One prominent example within this approach is intermittent fasting, where periods of fasting are incorporated. intermittent fasting, where you will fast periodically. 

Are you desiring to become healthier, stronger, more resilient, intelligent, motivated, flexible, and energetic? In short, more attuned to your human nature? Intermittent living is the path to embrace!

Our methodology is firmly grounded in rigorous scientific evidence and research conducted by Dr Leo Pruimboom.

intermittent cold
winning thanks to intermittent living
intermittent cold
winning thanks to intermittent living
ancient wisdom
ancient wisdom

Questions and answers

Intermittent Living encompasses the principle of rediscovering ancient wisdom and integrating intermittent stimuli into our daily routines. This concept includes various interventions, such as Intermittent Fasting, Intermittent Drinking, Intermittent Heat and Cold Exposure, Intermittent Hypercapnia, Intermittent Hypoxia, and more. By embracing these practices, we can unlock the potential benefits they offer and enhance our overall well-being.

Intermittent Fasting is an intervention in which you periodically fast, alternating between periods of fasting and eating. This practice helps provide rest to your digestive system and activates regulatory systems within your body that promote health. By adopting Intermittent Fasting, you can experience the benefits it offers in terms of digestive health and overall well-being.

Read the full article on Intermittent Fasting via this link

Intermittent Cognitive Pressure involves experiencing cognitive challenges under time pressure, stimulating your mind and improving mental sharpness, thinking ability, memory, and creativity.

This concept involves exposing oneself to cold stimuli, such as cold showers and immersing in ice baths, which offer numerous benefits for both mental and physical health. These benefits include activating the immune system, improving blood flow, and enhancing focus and alertness. 

If you would like to learn more about this, we invite you to visit the page dedicated to our Cold workshop Here, we provide in-depth knowledge about this concept and offer an immersive experience with all the stimuli involved.

Intermittent Drinking refers to the conscious experience of periods of thirst and the implementation of specific drinking times in your daily life. This concept involves not constantly drinking but rather exposing yourself to periods of thirst and then hydrating in a controlled manner. It is a form of intermittent stimulus that reflects the ancient wisdom of our human existence. By practicing intermittent drinking, you activate certain regulatory systems in your body that promote health and increase your awareness of your drinking habits.

Read more about it via our article on Intermittent Drinking

Intermittent Sleep, also known as polyphasic sleep, is a concept that involves adjusting your sleep patterns in a cyclical and flexible manner. Instead of following a traditional uninterrupted sleep of 7-8 hours at night, you alternate between periods of sleep. For instance, you may occasionally wake up at 3 am. 

The concept of intermittent sleep is based on the understanding that our sleep patterns were naturally flexible in the past. Many traditional societies did not adhere to strict sleep hours but rather adjusted their sleep patterns based on factors such as daylight, activities, and rest times.

By adopting intermittent sleep, you leverage the different sleep stages and natural cycles of your body. This approach can lead to improved sleep quality, increased alertness and energy levels throughout the day, and an enhanced ability to quickly fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

Intermittent Living is the culmination of Dr. Leo Pruimboom's pioneering research. All interventions implemented during the workshops are firmly rooted in scientific evidence and have undergone extensive testing.

Read the article published in Science Direct:

"The use of ancient challenges as a vaccine against the deleterious effects of modern life - A hypothesis"

Intermittent Living is practiced by integrating intermittent stimuli, such as fasting, thirst, heat, cold, and more, into your daily routine. 

Intermittent Living has significant positive effects on our health. By incorporating intermittent stimuli such as intermittent fasting, intermittent drinking, intermittent hypercapnia, intermittent hypoxia, and intermittent movement, we enhance our immune system, improve our metabolism, boost our mental acuity, increase our energy levels, and regulate our body weight.

Moreover, intermittent living helps reduce inflammation, enhance blood sugar regulation, and promote improved focus and concentration.


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We start with the key question "WHY" Why does pain arise and how can we address the underlying CAUSE We don't just focus on current problems; instead, we take a preventive approach to ensure long-term resolution.

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