Transformation trip to Iceland

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8 - 14 September 2024

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transformation journey

Transformation trip

Inspiration & transformation in a mysterious setting

Iceland has a progressive start-up culture, strong innovative entrepreneurship, economic growth and tons of creativity.

And all this amid breathtaking scenery, never seen elsewhere and for which we really took our time: hikes, a dip in hot and cold water, geyser spotting...

Expect a highly inspirational, mystery trip . Not a group trip 'en masse', but rather a select team of like-minded people, who in addition to the highly elaborate company visits, will also enjoy fine accommodation, good food, brisk exercise and alternative fringe activities together.

Learning expedition iceland

Then you really have nothing to lose. Pack your backpack, your open mindset and your gusto and join unique, like-minded entrepreneurs in this wonderland in search of inspiration, connection and relaxation.

Iceland must be seen, felt and experienced! Especially as an entrepreneur

Unfolding your network

Your Hosts

Expect a highly inspiring journey and be taken in tow by:
Sara Pieters

Sara Pieters

senior innovation expert

Iceland lover & connoisseur, Creativity Queen and innovation expert

cold water

Thomas Vyncke & Christina Gysen

Changemakers | personal transformation experts

Changemakers and Personal Transformation Experts

transformation journey


looking for inspiration?

Icelanders, they are dreamers, doers, go-getters, bouncers, daredevils, adventurers and visionaries who enjoy challenging the status quo, who manage to emerge from deep valleys with their heads held high and who rise like the phoenix again and again. So we are only too happy to be inspired by some amazing entrepreneurs.

A small selection of our offerings:

  • Feasting on tomatoes all year round? Friðheimar proves that it can be done and in a sustainable way. Oh yes, the driving force behind this immensely popular tourist attraction is Knútur, by far the most inspiring entrepreneur Sara has ever had the pleasure of meeting!
  • Dried fish in a packet of crisps? Serial entrepreneur Runar proves that no idea is too crazy. Moreover, he is living proof that speeding up and grabbing speed is not 'the only way to go' if you want to make it as a start-up company.
  • What do you do when a personal setback throws your life upside down? Julius and Ragnhildur decided not to put their dream (to make their own lava?!) in a box, but to develop it effectively and successfully.
  • How can you sustain and transform an entire ecosystem? Iceland Ocean Cluster proves with "The Incredible Fish Value Machine" that it can be done.

slow down

time to slow down

During this trip, we will also consciously make time to slow down, to de-connect from the daily hectic and to enjoy all the beauty Iceland has to offer.

Because inspiration, insights and ideas also come then and there. When we can truly unwind and yes, de-connect. Under the motto 'work hard, play hard', we surrender to the lure of nature and explore the most beautiful gems Iceland is blessed with


connecting with each other & ourselves

Indeed, the key to transformation lies in that deeper connection with ourselves. Every transformation, no matter how big, begins with a single individual transforming their thoughts and feelings.

We post a different theme each day.

We reveal limiting beliefs, expand awareness and embrace a deep connection with ourselves - amid an abundant landscape that inspires and fulfils us.

Among other things, we step into an ice bath, discover the power of our breathing and actively seek tranquillity.

And so the journey encompasses all dimensions of life - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual - and is aimed at rediscovering that deeper connection with ourselves.

Ready to go?

Practical information

practical information

  • 6 nights in 4 trendy accommodations
  • 6x breakfast - 5x lunch - 6x dinner - non-alcoholic drinks
  • transport on site (flight to and from Iceland not included)
  • all visits and workshops
  • Yes, volcano Svartsengi is very eager to erupt.
    But hey, Icelanders live by the credo 'þetta reddast' (everything always works out). Énd travelling to beautiful island is still 100% safe.

Four trendy accommodations

  • Our first night we stay at Eyja Guldsmeden, Reykjavik's warmest and cosiest boutique hotel.
  • During our visit to the black sand beaches of Vik, we stay in the trendy and luxurious flats of Black Beach Suites.
  • Next, our bed is made for two nights at The Greenhouse Hotel in Hveragerdi. A sustainable design hotel known for its innovative concept as well as being the ideal base to explore the Golden Circle.
  • To seek that deeper connection with ourselves, we spend the last two days staying at Hvammsvík Nature Resort. One of Iceland's newest hot springs overlooking a fjord, where we take all the time we need to slow down.

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    4,950€ excl VAT double room - 5,500€ excl VAT single room

    Standard rate: 5,950€ excl VAT double room - 6,500€ excl VAT single room
  • 25% payable on registration - 75% payable 30 days before departure

  • 100% to be paid at last minute registration

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