Ice baths as part of cold therapy

"Is taking an ice bath now and then already one of your rituals? of your rituals?

Discover the power of ice baths for body and mind. Build confidence in the cold, learn safe techniques, feel reborn and stronger than ever, and experience peace in your body and mind.

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Stress isn't always bad; a healthy amount is necessary for our well-being. Occasionally exposing ourselves to extreme temperatures is beneficial for both body and mind. In a world of constant comfortable temperatures, we're rarely challenged. Living constantly at room temperature keeps our bodies under-stimulated and stuck within our comfort zones.

How cold exposure can lead to greater relaxation

Cold can be surprisingly relaxing. It might not seem like it at first, but after the experience, you'll likely want more. Stepping out of your comfort zone opens up new possibilities.

If you persist, you'll feel fantastic afterward. Not just because of the positive effects on your body, but also because you've persevered - a mental triumph! Cold water can assist in coping with life's challenges.

Taking a cold bath often feels like an achievement. After exposure to cold, happiness hormones are released, giving you a fresh and upbeat feeling, even on dull days.

Discover the power of cold and find peace in the busy life. Feeling is understanding!

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Is ice bathing good for your health?

From kPNI, we ask ourselves the question "What was the situation like before?".

As the human body has evolved, it has developed various solutions to cope with different acute stressors.  Cold has been used to treat diseases for 1000's of years. A 3,500-year-old papyrus scroll from Egypt already refers to cold as medicine. Tetanus, renal colic, typhoid, headaches, fever, infections: it was all treated over the centuries by exposing patients to cold.

Thanks to the incredible adaptability of humans, we've been able to adjust everywhere and anytime, allowing us to inhabit the entire planet and making us resilient to heavy physical (primeval) stress.

Less sick with regular exposure to cold?

Yes! Daily cold showers reduce absenteeism by an average of 29%. Cold showers improve quality of life, but ice baths go even further.

The acute stress of cold water balances the nervous system and stimulates the production of adrenaline and endorphins, which have natural anti-inflammatory effects. 

This is essential for recovery, as more and more conditions are being linked to chronic inflammation, including arthritis, allergies, cardiovascular disease, cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and depression.

A cold bath brings you directly into the present moment, resets your thoughts, and feels like coming home to yourself, connecting you with your primal strength and potential!

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Benefits of ice baths

Supervised ice baths

Private ice bathing is possible in a session of min 3h with a group of min 7 people.

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Is it safe to step into an ice bath alone without experience?

Stepping into ice-cold water alone without acclimatization is not recommended and can be unsafe due to the risk of cold shock, potentially leading to hyperventilation and/or loss of control.

Bathing in ice-cold water differs greatly from taking a cold shower. It's much more intense. It's like comparing short runs to running a marathon. 

Therefore, it's wise to have your first exposure to an ice bath under supervision. Extreme cold triggers an acute stress response to which your body may react unpredictably. Under supervision, we train your body to handle this stress.

By occasionally stepping into an ice bath, you strengthen your immune system and become less susceptible to illnesses.

What is the difference between a cold shower and an ice bath?

The effects are similar. The difference lies in the intensity for your body. When you step into a cold bath, the contact surface between your body and the cold water is much larger than with a cold shower.

Therefore, it is recommended to start with a cold shower. Once you become accustomed to this, an ice bath is the next step. 

This way, you challenge your body even more and get the most benefits.

Advantages of cold showering

Cold training tips and tricks:

Not ready to step into an ice bath yet?
Then start with the following tips:


Start with a cold shower

Aim to spend approximately 30 seconds under a cold shower. If you can't manage it the first time, be gentle with yourself and gradually build up to it.


Significantly lower the temperature.

Don't be too gentle with yourself by gradually reducing the temperature. The shock effect on your body (and thus the effectiveness) is greater when you quickly lower the temperature significantly. It's important that it's not comfortable!


End each shower with cold water

After your cold shower, don't turn the knob back to warmth immediately. This allows your body to regulate its temperature naturally. If you switch to a warm shower after a cold one, the effects are less pronounced.


Introduce more temperature fluctuations into your life.

Lower the heating occasionally, take a walk without a thick coat, sleep with the window open...


Avoid taking an ice bath or cold shower before going to bed.

It activates your stress system, which you don't want just before bedtime! Preferably do it in the morning.

Who is an ice bath session suitable for?

For everyone who is healthy or wants to be! ;-). If there are any mental or physical obstacles, please let us know in advance so we can discuss how to proceed together.

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