Ice baths as part of cold therapy

Is occasionally taking an ice bath already one of your rituals?

It is an effective way to stimulate your body and mind. Just about everyone benefits from it! 

An ice bath session is built up in such a way as to increase your body's confidence towards the cold. We give you techniques that make it safe to step into the ice bath, which you can also use at home afterwards.

Breathing and focus are essential when dealing with cold. We guarantee you will feel reborn, refreshed and stronger than ever after a session. More peace in your body and head are just some of the positive effects an ice bath has to offer you.

Never taken an ice bath before or still inexperienced? Then we advise you to first take part in a workshop where we provide you with the necessary knowledge and experience. Click here and find out more. Besides, you will experience an unforgettable day in the presence of like-minded people.


We recommend you first participate in the Cold Workshop so you gain the necessary knowledge to get started. Click here for more info.

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Stepping into an ice bath every now and then will strengthen your immune system and make you less susceptible to diseases.

We complain about stress but have it needed to stay healthy.


We like to complain about stress, but actually we need a regular dose of stress to stay healthy. Our bodies need challenges to stay healthy. You need to put pressure on your system from time to time, for instance by exposing yourself to high or low temperatures. In a world full of air-conditioning and heating, our bodies are hardly, if ever, challenged. Our house is heated, our car is heated, at work the heating is on. We are constantly living at room temperature.

How cold can increase relaxation

It doesn't sound immediately relaxing, but once you have felt what it means for you, you are guaranteed to want more. Stepping out of your comfort zone opens new doors. Confronting your body with cold may feel uncomfortable at first. The first reaction of many people, is to prefer to immediately turn the tap back to a higher temperature. 

However, do you go through this and persevere? Then you will feel great afterwards. Not only because of the positive effects cold has on your body, but also because you persevered, a mental victory in other words! Cold water helps you navigate life's ups and downs. It won't make you Superman, but it will make you a better version of yourself ;-)! 

Taking a cold bath can really feel like an achievement. Besides, after exposure to cold, happiness hormones are released. This is an automatic response of your body, making you feel wonderfully refreshed and invigorated. You feel like you can take on the whole world, especially if you've had an unpleasant day.

Exposure to cold is one of the stimuli we apply in Intermittent Living. The intermittent living concept is all about prevention, protection and getting stronger. In short, health benefits all around! Read more about intermittent living here

Find resistance to cold and strength within yourself and peace in the often chaotic life. To feel is to understand!

Signing up for an ice bath session in a small group?

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Cold Therapy Workshop

During a workshop, we will delve deeper into cold therapy and how you can use it in your daily life. 

The morning is dedicated to deep learning the theory behind the method and understanding why you are doing it. You will learn more about Intermittent living and what lifestyle interventions mean for the body and mind. 

After theory, we challenge the body physically and finally we finish with an ice bath and a light and healthy lunch. 

Why ice bath therapy good for health.

History: the effect of cold on the human body. 

Within the kPNI (clinical psycho-neuro-immunology) we always ask the question, what was the situation like before, as the human body has developed different solutions throughout evolution to deal with different acute stressors. 

Cold has been used to treat diseases for 1,000's of years. A 3,500-year-old papyrus scroll from Egypt already refers to cold as medicine. Tetanus, renal colic, typhoid, headaches, fever, infections: it was all treated over the centuries by exposing patients to cold.

Previously, this form of stress was usually related to the struggle for survival. The most frequent was survival with infections, but also dealing with long periods of hunger, thirst, physical trauma, cold, heat and even periods with less oxygen. 

Man's tremendous flexibility has allowed him to adapt anytime, anywhere, which allows man to live all over the planet and makes us highly armed against severe physical (primal) stress.

Màr, our changed lifestyle has not provided the most optimal solutions. We have become lazy because of the comfort we give ourselves every day. All because there are no more necessities in our daily lives.

Do you really get sick less often if you regularly expose yourself to cold?

Yes: Those who take a cold shower daily are on average 29% less absent from work due to illness. Cold showers help reduce absenteeism.

Cold showering also improves quality of life. Ice bathing goes one step further. The acute stress of the cold water helps to rebalance your nervous system. It also triggers the production of adrenaline and endorphins, making it a natural anti-inflammatory. 

The fact that ice baths help recovery has everything to do with the anti-inflammatory effect of exposure to cold. More and more conditions are being linked to chronic inflammation. From arthritis and allergies to cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. Furthermore, people are even linking diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and depression to chronic inflammation in the brain.

Inflammation is, in short, ubiquitous. We live in an inflamed society. An ice bath instantly brings you into the here and now. Your thoughts melt like snow in the sun. It provides a reset and feels like coming home to yourself. You get in touch with your own primal power, your potential!/

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Ice baths benefits

Experiences with cold and ice baths

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Is it safe To only, without experience get into an ice bath?

No. Never go into ice-cold water alone, especially if you are not used to it. Cold water can also be dangerous. It can cause cold shock that can cause you to hyperventilate, in such a situation you can lose control with potentially dangerous consequences. 

People often think that ice bathing is the same as taking a cold shower but it is not. Ice bathing is of a completely different order, the impact is much more intense. You can compare this to running for example, if you are used to running 10km you are not going to run a marathon just like that . So it is wiser to do this with someone who knows what can happen and how to react. 

Best to take your first ice baths under supervision

By exposure to extreme cold, you simulate an acute stress situation. You don't know in advance how your body will react to that stress situation. Under guidance, we train your system to deal with this form of stress.

Ice baths as part of cold therapy

Who is an ice bath session suitable for?

For everyone who is/or wants to be healthy! ;-). If there are any mental or physical obstacles, please notify us in advance so we can look at how and what together. Is it your first time? Then we strongly recommend attending a workshop first to explore the world of Intermittent Living and cold therapy. 

Tips to set to work go With cold training.

Not quite ready to get yourself over against and into an ice bath? Then apply the following tips already.


Start by taking cold showers

Aim to stand under a really cold shower for +- 30 seconds. Does this not work from the first time? Then don't be too hard on yourself and build it up slowly.


Turn down the temperature considerably

Don't be too kind to yourself by slowly turning down the temperature. Your body's shock effect (and thus the effect is greater) when you turn the temperature down considerably right away. Importantly, it is not pleasant!


End every shower cold

After your cold shower, don't turn the switch back to heat. This allows your body to work itself back up to temperature. If after a cold shower, you take a hot shower, the effects will be less.


Introduce more temperature fluctuation into your life.

Turn down the heating once in a while, take a walk without a thick coat, sleep with the window open,...


Don't take an ice bath or cold shower before going to bed

It activates your stress system. You don't want that just before you go to sleep! Preferably do it in the morning.

Those who can defy ice can also defy other things, and no longer run to the doctor for a pod. When you have already experienced the worst, life becomes a playground