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Heat workshop

Opt for primal mental and physical health

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heat workshop

Heat training causes our old protective mechanisms to become active again.

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heat workshop

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Stress tolerance training

  • Do you ever lose the pedals when stress levels are high?
  • How well can you still think when the pressure is on?
  • Do you still take decisions when things get stuffy? 
  • Want to learn how to keep your cool in stressful and difficult situations?

These are just some of the many facets that vastly improved and can be trained via heat and acidification training!

What to expect?

Feel and learn the health benefits of six different Intermittent Living stimuli during this heat workshop. Use the tools we teach you to re-energise and reconnect with yourself. 

What do you learn?

Heat therapy causes our old protective mechanisms to become active again.

We will immerse you during the heat workshop in fully immersive experience fully immersed in the concept. So we start the day with Deep Learning (training) to explain the hows and whys understand. We will work on typical breathing exercises (under controlled conditions), exposure to intense heat, intensive sporting activities and end the day with a PNI proof meal. 

heat workshop

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Reception 8h40 & close 14h00. Lunch included
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€164.46 (Excl. VAT) or 199€ (Incl. VAT)
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Kontichsesteenweg 44, 2630 Aartselaar
heat workshop
heat workshop
heat workshop
heat workshop
Intermittent Heat

Want to know more about heat therapy and its effects on our body and mind?

The scientific evidence on heat

Scientific evidence

Intermittent Living is the result of Dr Leo Pruimboom's innovative research. All interventions applied during the workshops are strongly scientifically based and extensively tested.

Read the article published in Science Direct:

"Intermittent living; the use of ancient challenges as a vaccine against the deleterious effects of modern life - A hypothesis"

"Learning to deal with heat makes athletes more resistant against hyperthermia"


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