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We empower individuals to awaken their inner will to feel good through training & workshops

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We give your teams the tools to live a Healthy & Happy live

More and more companies are becoming aware of the importance of having healthy employees who arrive at work with full energy and commitment.

In a world where pandemics, stress, burnout & bore-out dominate business, wellbeing is becoming like physical, mental and emotional health all the more important. This is why companies have recently been putting more and more emphasis on a "great place to work" in which healthy and energetic employees are the key to success.

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Corporate Wellbeing

Unfolding health in business

Do you want to ensure that your employees remain or become healthy, relaxed, and vital? 

Unfolding brings knowledge in an engaging and scientific way With the focus on mental, physical and emotional health.

Topics we work on include:

Corporate Wellbeing Engineers

Physical & mental health in the workplace

We assist companies in a healthy lifestyle, addressing current challenges such as talent retention, performance improvement, and absenteeism, all of which have a direct impact on your organizational goals.

Discover how our unique approach and personal guidance can enhance your knowledge, provide practical tools, and assist you in living a healthier and more conscious life.

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From return on investment to value on investment

Well-being and performance go hand in hand

Willbeing vs Wellbeing

The individual's determination and resilience to invest in their own well-being can be summarized as a concept that encompasses mental, physical, and emotional health, positive energy, and a sense of self-fulfillment.

We collaborate with you to integrate existing, often fragmented initiatives into a sustainable foundation. This applies to companies at the initial stages of implementing corporate well-being programs as well as those seeking to progress to the next level.

today's challenge

According to the Benefits Trends Survey conducted by HR consultant Willis Towers Watson, employee health has been identified as one of the major challenges for modern organizations, even prior to the COVID-19 crisis. 

There is an increase in:

stress at work

Stress levels have reached record highs, with 18% across Europe and up to 37% in Flanders.

Long-term sick leave

Rates of absenteeism are as high as 6% of working time, and 41% of those who are absent are sick for more than a year.


More than half of all Europeans are already overweight, and obesity rates are nearing a quarter of the population.

War for talent

The ability to attract, develop, and retain talent is more crucial than ever before

At the same time, a reduction of:


28% of employees are not engaged or committed, and furthermore, 54% of all employees are demotivated.


In 2019, 51% of people had planned to change jobs by the end of the year, highlighting the critical and costly issue of staff turnover that many companies face today.

Tailored to business objectives

Fit employees ARE THE BEATING heart of your business.

Wellbeing is not just an asset, it's a; game changer and the key to success. By implementing corporate welfare initiatives and fostering a cultural shift you can pave the way towards achieving your goals.

Linking a wellness program to your sustainable objectives and initiatives can create a positive impact throughout your organization.

Health -> wellbeing -> business performance