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Unfolding takes your company to the next level through workshops and training sessions focused on corporate wellbeing. In today's society stress management and good communication crucial and is authentic leadership a must.

With our wellbeing training courses, we offer practical solutions, transform your managers and employees, and promote their work happiness. This way, they will face the future happier, healthier and more conscious.

of European workers experience too much stress at work

indicates that stress affects their productivity

indicates that their work negatively affects their health

Our powerful wellbeing solutions:

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Therapist, trainer & keynote speaker

Thomas Vynke

After more than 15 years of academic studies and practical experience, with a Masters in health and rehabilitation sciences & Clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunology Thomas has specialised in several fields, including, Fascial Manipulation and Intermittent Living.

These expertises have given him a deep understanding of human functioning.

Investing in wellbeing, is investing in the foundations of your organisation - your people.

Stress Management & Communication Training

Improve performance, mindset, physical and mental health and your team's satisfaction. Reach out to them with tools to manage stress, communicate better, and live a balanced life.
Boost Your Performance

Leadership & personal development Training

Learn how to demonstrate effective leadership, identify growth opportunities and foster a culture of continuous improvement. Build a strong and resilient team together.
Leading With Impact

Corporate Wellbeing Solutions

Wellbeing training & workshops

Take your organisation to the next level by turning these insights into practical tools.

With our no-nonsense approach we believe in tangible changes making a difference. Our courses on wellbeing are aimed at burnout prevention, promoting physical, emotional & mental well-being. This is how we guide your employees in the right direction.

The only limit to our realisation of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.

Signature keynotes

Inspirational keynote speaker

Thomas Vyncke is a phenomenon in his field. He has long studies behind him and a wealth of experience. What makes him extra unique as a keynote speaker is the desire to share that expertise with you to share.


Get ready for a captivating journey through the depths of our consciousness. In this inspiring keynote, you will delve into the layers of consciousness, an intriguing concept that can transform your perspective on yourself and the world. The keynote goes beyond mere words; you will actively engage and uncover valuable insights.

We share techniques for accessing the unconscious. We provide you with practical tools to expand your awareness and teach you how to deal effectively with what surfaces. This is an opportunity to transform yourself and reach your deepest inner potential.

Let yourself be taken on a fascinating journey through the depths of life, discovering how stress is not only an inescapable aspect of our existence, but also the origin of life and health, without being aware of the creeping threat of burnout. An inspiring and motivating story that encourages positive transformation.

We challenge the traditional perspective on stress and enable us to embrace its potential as a catalyst for growth. We redefine the concept of stress to see it as a powerful engine for evolution and resilience, both at an individual and collective level.

In nature, countless examples demonstrate how acute stress plays a vital role in the development and adaptation of organisms, leading to spectacular transformations and the wonderful diversity on our planet. But how can we, as humans, approach stress constructively and make it work to our advantage?

Learn how to increase your resilience and find a healthy balance between challenge and recovery.


From the very first breath at birth to the last sigh, the act of breathing is always present, everywhere. It often goes unnoticed unless we experience symptoms. It's important to recognize that the absence of illness does not necessarily equate to being truly healthy.

Meet the power of your own breathing, expand your awareness by taking back control and directing your status of 'being' yourself.

Through the breath, you can gain mastery over your energy levels, your nervous system, and much more.

For entrepreneurs and individuals alike, breathing serves as a powerful tool for:

  • Stress management
  • Enhancing focus and concentration
  • Nurturing emotional well-being
  • Fostering connection with intuition and creativity
  • Promoting authenticity and meaningful connections
  • Supporting personal growth
  • Cultivating self-awareness

A keynote that redefines the rhythm of life and takes you on a path to a healthier and more fulfilling life. Take an inspiring journey through the science-based concept By Dr Leo Pruimboom.

In this presentation, you will discover the revolutionary approach of lifestyle medicine.

In a world where chronic stress often overwhelms us, we will explore how acute stress can be a remedy for it. We'll delve into the fundamental aspects of our existence during the keynote.

Intermittent Living has a profoundly positive impact on mental focus, energy levels, immunity, general well-being, and much more.


Wellbeing Team Building & Experiences

Cold Workshop

Cold Workshop

Ice bath. Hypoxia. Energy

Rediscover your energy during these workshops with cold as a teacher. Increase your physical vitality and strengthen your mental resilience.
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Heat Workshop

Heat Workshop

Sauna. Hypercapnia. Stress coagulation

Discover the revolutionary approach to stress tolerance training through the power of acute stress stimuli.
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Transformative Breathwork

Transformative Breathwork

Nervous system. No thoughts for a while. Breathwork

During this workshop, break through mental blockages with powerful a breathing technique & experience a nervous system that completely calms down.
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What Clients Say about our wellbeing solutions:


Why bet on Wellbeing?

How to bet on corporate wellbeing?

Experiential learning during wellbeing training courses. It is not just about 'knowing', it is also about feeling and experiencing knowledge in practice so that integration into daily life is achieved.

Transform your business into a place of connection, awareness and growth. Create balance between carrying and decisiveness, openness and resilience, and embrace both honest truths and soft values.

Invest in your employees' job happiness through our practical courses.

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