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We live at an unsustainable pace. "Busy" is the new normal. We struggle to unwind, put our minds on "stop" for a while and feel the need for a balanced life.

Surrender yourself to the newness, experience and space for growth within yourself. On the other side, the wisdom of expansion, evolution and change awaits. 

Challenge yourself to stretch yourself physically and mentally through cold training. Exposure to cold forces the body to start up microscopic repair systems, reducing the risk of disease and making us live years longer. 

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Imagine a world where you have the power to boost your immune system, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase your focus and energy levels - all with one simple practice.

cold workshop

During the cold workshop, you will learn how to translate theory into practice and apply it to yourself. We begin by establishing a solid foundation of theory and gradually progress with each step.

We provide a fully immersive experience in the intermittent cold concept during a 5-hour session. We not only impart knowledge but also allow you to personally experience its effects. This way, you not only learn the theory but also feel the impact it has on you.

Knowledge brings peace. Without knowledge, peace is often absent. 


We combine intermittent living stimuli that make you physically and mentally resilient:

The cold workshop offers a powerful experience for participants aiming to enhance their physical and mental well-being by combining various stressors. It provides an opportunity for growth and improvement.

What to expect?

During the cold workshop, you will actively participate in experiential learning within an inspiring environment!

Practical information

The price is 150€ excl VAT - 181,5€ incl VAT

From 9am to 2pm

A main course with fish or a vegetarian meal will be provided

The workshop will be held at Kontichsesteenweg 44, 2630 Aartselaar. Ample parking facilities will be available for attendees.

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cold water
cold water
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cold workshop


Experience vitality and mental clarity that you never knew existed.

Objectives cold training

We utilize cold exposure to reconnect with our bodies, increase energy levels, enhance heart function, and improve lung capacity, resulting in almost instant energy boost!

Cold therapy exercises aid in strengthening the immune system, reducing inflammation, and mitigating the risk of diseases. Additionally, they assist in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression while promoting better quality sleep.

Cold has been touted for centuries as a kind of panacea. Proponents use it as a treatment For medical problems, including depression, fear, insomnia and arthritis. For many, it is part of a healthy lifestyle. We use cold training to the improve overall health, well-being and longevity,...

Cold training as a treatment for medical problems

Cold has been revered for centuries as a sort of universal panacea. Advocates employ it as a therapeutic treatment or various medical conditions such as depression, fear, insomnia and arthritis. For numerous individuals, it has become an integral component of a healthy lifestyle. We use cold training to the improve overall health, well-being and longevity,...

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Q&A on cold training

Our cold training program offers an immersive learning experience that encompasses a range of cold exposure methods and breathing techniques. Through these practices, participants can cultivate and fortify their physical and mental resilience.

Cold training is open to individuals of all levels and ages. However, it is essential to disclose any health problems or medical conditions during the registration process so that we can accommodate and consider them accordingly.

White fat is the type of fat that accumulates when we consume more calories than we burn. It is commonly the fat that we strive to lose. In contrast, there is brown fat, also known as beige fat. Brown fat is activated in cold conditions and plays a role in keeping our bodies warm. Cold showers or ice baths can stimulate the production of brown fat, leading to an increase in metabolism and the burning of more calories even at rest.

White fat is the fat we store when we eat more calories than we burn. This fat is what we most want to lose. In contrast, you have brown fat or better beige fat. This is the fat that is activated in the cold and keeps us warm. Showering cold or taking an ice bath stimulates the production of brown fat and this boost to your metabolism makes you burn more calories at rest.

Among its various effects, cold exposure stimulates the production of white blood cells, activates brown adipose tissue (BAT), enhances blood flow, and increases the body's oxygen uptake.

No, but it has a similar approach. The training we provide is based on Intermittent Living. Dr Leo Pruimboom's concept in which we go broader. The wim hof method has a slightly different approach. 

The Wim Hof Method and the Intermittent Living Cold Concept are two approaches that utilize cold exposure for health benefits. However, there are some distinctions between the two:

  1. Wim Hof Method: The Wim Hof Method, developed by Wim Hof (also known as "The Iceman"), incorporates breathing techniques, cold exposure, and mindset techniques. It specifically targets the autonomic nervous system and immune system through specific breathing exercises and exposure to cold temperatures. The primary goal is to enhance physical and mental well-being, reduce stress, and gain control over the body.

  2. Intermittent Living Cold Concept: The Intermittent Living Cold Concept is a more comprehensive that combines cold exposure with various other health stimuli, including intermittent fasting, intermittent drinking, breathing techniques, brain training, and exercise. Its aim is to create an optimized lifestyle by integrating different stimuli to strengthen physical and mental resilience, improve the immune system, and promote overall health.

Although both approaches utilize cold exposure, the Wim Hof Method focuses more on breaths and mindset, while the Intermittent Living Cold concept is a broader approach.

Do you want to start cold showering? Beforehand, it's a good idea to read up on exactly how to start with cold showers Or take an ice bath. Take these tips to heart:

  1. Pay attention to your breathing. Breathe in and out. As deeply, long and consciously as you can. Control brings calm, breathing provides that control. In this way, you are telling your nervous system that everything is okay and it doesn't have to go into survival mode. 
  2. Follow the pace that is feasible for you. Want to start cold showering right away but can't manage to stand completely under the cold tap? Then start with your feet, ankles, hands and wrists and keep going that way. 
  3. Let the temperature drop slowly. Start with a hot shower and go from a tolerable temperature to a slightly unpleasant temperature. We work towards a temperature below 16 degrees. So you don't have to turn that hot tap completely to ice-cold water from the start.  
  4. Choose a calm build-up. For example, start with a 30-second cold shower. Next time, go for 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes and so on, building up.
  5. Next step? Get accompanied in an ice bath during our cold workout!

I am curious about how fulfilled it does feel for you when you are cold go shower Or taken an ice bath!

The effects are similar. The difference lies in the intensity for your body. When you step into a cold bath, the contact surface between your body and the cold water is much greater than in a cold shower.

It is therefore recommended to start with a cold shower. Once you can handle this, an ice bath is the next step. This way, you challenge your body even more and get the most benefits from cold therapy.

Would you like more info on the benefits of a cold shower? Then be sure to read this article.

When you suffer greatly from cold hands or cold feet we have the following advice:

  • Put slippers on while walking in the cold water, this saves a lot for cold feet
  • Swap baths. Periodically put your hands or feet in a tub of ice water for 1 minute, and then in a tub of warmer water. Afterwards, actively shake out your hands, at some point you will feel the blood starts flowing and your hands or feet get warmer.
  • Also make sure you get enough exercise, as this improves blood circulation and increases the body's overall heat production.
  • Build your tolerance to cold. It helps to reduce the symptoms of cold hands and feet. Start with shorter periods of exposure to cold and gradually extend them as your body gets used to it.



Want to know more about cold therapy and its effects on our body and mind?

Are you already familiar with the basics and seeking a place for ice baths specifically?

Experience the benefits of our monthly ice bath sessions, which aim to strengthen your mental and physical health, reduce stress, provide personal insights, and unlock your full potential as a human being. By immersing yourself in the ice bath, you can give your immune system a boost and reap the rewards for your overall well-being.