Christina Gysen

Christina Gysen

I serve as a breathwork facilitator, project manager, and marketer, coaching individuals and companies. My true passion lies in transformation and personal growth. It is my vision to empower others to embrace change and pursue ultimate happiness. With an innate drive and determination, I thrive in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.

Connecting with like-minded individuals brings me great joy, as I support them in their transformative journeys on various levels. My own profound connection to physical health and well-being led me to shift my focus in business, enabling me to assist others in improving their own health and well-being.

My career took flight after graduating as an Executive Manager. In 2015, I embarked on a journey at Jaguar Land Rover Metropolis, a place that granted me the freedom to fully develop myself. Within the company, I flourished, eventually assuming the role of marketing manager. As a relentless advocate of progress, I am constantly seeking new challenges. Consequently, I have embraced various positions within the company, ranging from student work and internships to sales, sales support, marketing assistant, and marketing coordinator.

After six years as an employee, I made the courageous decision to establish my own freelance business. This transition allowed me to continue learning and explore new horizons. What began as a full-time marketing company, Unfolding, has since transformed into what it represents today. Deliberately chosen, the name embodies growth and adaptation. It has become a platform where I can share my fervor for transformation and personal development, inspiring others along the way.

Remember, anything you dream, you can achieve. Every human being possesses untapped resources within themselves. It simply requires unwavering willpower and determination. 


Bachelor in Executive Management

Karel de Grote Hogeschool, Antwerp

Neurolinguistic programming (NLP)

Your Coach, Ghent

body remembers trauma therapy (brtt®) and trauma release & breathwork (trb®)

Inner-Jouney, Hilversum

The start of Unfolding

To have a business of my own, it needed a name that would reflect my vision of constant growth and exploration.

It became clear that my passion for novelty would shape the path of this business. Where would it lead if I always sought to discover and learn new things?

A name was required that went beyond just myself, a name that could adapt to ideas, evolve alongside, and withstand the test of time. Thus, UNFOLDING came into existence.

At UNFOLDING, you can find comprehensive marketing services both online and offline. I have had the pleasure of guiding various companies (and continue to do so), including Las Manas, Desdalex Lawyers, Goetstouwers Real Estate, From Victoria With Love, The Physiotherapists, …

Now, I selectively take on marketing projects that resonate with me. I derive immense satisfaction from collaborating with companies that passionately stand behind their products and services, viewing marketing not as a mere "cost" or obligatory task. Are you interested in joining forces? Please feel free to reach out to me!

Christina Gysen
Christina Gysen

My own great school of learning

At the age of 17, I experienced the sudden loss of my beloved father. He had been my trusted companion, a remarkable role model, and my closest friend, and his absence was deeply felt.

I lived on for years in a "freeze mode" (is only now clear to me). 

I encountered numerous negative experiences that left me feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated. My mind yearned to move forward, but I often felt mentally blocked and short-circuited. The world seemed excessively intense at times. Looking back, I realize that these experiences propelled me towards greater self-awareness. 

At the age of 23, while working at Jaguar Land Rover, I participated in a three-day training course led by Roy Lens. The purpose of the training was to enhance self-knowledge and develop a deeper understanding of my behaviors and expressions, as a stepping stone towards a senior management position.

Roy fostered personal growth and supported the development of talent in a confrontational yet relatable manner, with a focus on both the intellect and emotions.

This training opened doors for me. Roy touched my heart in ways I had never experienced before, helping me comprehend the essence of life and encouraging me to take my first steps.

Since then, the journey of self-development has held a special place in my heart. Now that I am aware of what was previously concealed, I embarked on a quest of exploration. I asked myself profound questions: "Who am I truly? What brings me genuine happiness? What do I aspire to achieve in life?"

Next steps

I sought a mentor who could accompany me on the journey of self-discovery. That's when I began my personal coaching sessions with Anja Driesmans. She imparted a profound statement to me: "Once you are aware, there is no turning back," a sentiment filled with reverence. It is through one's own consciousness that true transformation unfolds.

Anja truly revolutionized my entire life, leading me from a place of trauma and stress to one of personal growth and mindful living.

I hold personal growth in high regard, understanding that it is not a one-time endeavor where you learn and then cease your efforts. It is an ongoing, lifelong path.

As a result, I have actively participated in various teachings in Belgium and Peru. I also undertook a Vision Quest in France, where I experienced four days and four nights of isolation in nature. In this sacred space, I prayed and fasted, dedicating my intentions to myself, my loved ones, and the world at large. I am committed to continuing my personal growth journey because I believe that one can only assist others with the things they have thoroughly worked through themselves. 

The ultimate goal for both myself and Thomas is to guide people in rediscovering a state of happiness and contentment in their lives.

Christina Gysen

"Don't ever be ashamed about the things you truly want. The things you truly desire deep down!"

Christina Gysen

CEO - FOunder
consciousness engineer
breathwork & trauma facilitator
wife of thomas

Thomas Vyncke

CEO - Inspirer
breathing and intermittent living
Holistic therapist
Coach for inner peace and physical healing
husband of christina

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