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Christina Gysen

Who am I?

We are all here to experience and grow. We are part of a bigger picture. Gradually discovered in ways that brought me closer to my inner self.

I always felt there was more, but didn't know where to start. During various pathways and trainings, I received conscious insights that led to transformation in my being.

At any moment, it is possible to make reality out of your dream. By being aware of your thoughts, emotions and energy, you create your own reality. This is completely within your own control. You yourself are the creator of your reality.

When you consciously choose and want to give your life direction, when the will for change is there, the path unfolds naturally. That is also the thrust of the name "unfolding".

I myself have been actively investing in myself for years, actively exploring my invisible layers and transforming pieces that no longer serve me. Every day, I make a conscious choice to explore my inner self and create a life of happiness that not only nourishes me, but also raises my energy and vibration.

It gives me immense energy to pass on the knowledge I have gained over the past few years & support others in their path to greater awareness.

If you are open to it, I will gladly take you along as a guide in your inner journey:

Awareness of thoughts, beliefs and thinking styles

Deep transformation techniques

Bringing thinking, feeling and acting styles into harmony

Deciphering deeper programming

(H)recognising the shadows and invisible layers

Awareness of nervous system function and breathing

"Don't ever be ashamed about the things you truly want. The things you truly desire deep down!"

Christina Gysen

CEO - FOunder
consciousness engineer
breathwork & trauma facilitator
wife of thomas

Thomas Vyncke

CEO - Inspirer
breathing and intermittent living
Holistic therapist
Coach for inner peace and physical healing
husband of christina

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