Christina Gysen

Who is she?

Christina Gysen

With more than 10 years of experience in Management and Marketing, supported by a Master in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and a Bachelor in Executive Management, Christina specialises in breaking limiting patterns. She brings people into connection with themselves to transform these patterns into powerful life lessons, allowing them to develop awareness and regain responsibility and control over their lives.

How awareness changed her life

When her father passed on at 17, her world fell silent. There was no room for emotions and she shifted to pure action-orientation: "do, do, do" and "perform, perform". Until, at one point, she was allowed to take a "Leadership with Roy Lens" course by Jourik, her then manager at Jaguar Land Rover. What she felt there she no longer knew, emotions she didn't want to feel for a long time showed themselves. It was the first step. The first experience. A feeling, she never forgot.

Roy Lens so inspired her in that moment that she went off to investigate, to explore within herself. Starting with the questions:

What potential is there that is not being fully exploited? What is the function of emotions and what happens if we suppress them long enough? In what ways do they direct your life? What makes me so hard on myself and others? What behaviour directs me? ...

Lifelong learning is her motto & driving force.

We are here to experience and grow. We are part of a bigger picture. Gradually, Christina discovered ways that brought her closer to her inner self. It is the skills that changed her, and which she passes on to others, so that they too are able to take back control of their lives and no longer "be lived". Everyone creates their own reality. Everyone is responsible for his or her own life. The things that happen do not "come from nowhere", although she used to think so.

By developing awareness of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviours, you are at the helm of your life. This is entirely within your own control. You yourself are the creator of your reality.

When you consciously choose and want to give your life direction, when the will for change is there, the path unfolds by itself. That is also the thrust of the name "unfolding".

Christina has been actively investing in herself for years, actively searching for her invisible layers to make them visible and transform them again. Pieces that no longer serve her, she redirects. Every day, she makes a conscious choice to explore her inner self and create a life of happiness that not only nourishes her, but also raises her energy and vibration.

It gives her enormous energy to pass on the knowledge she has gained over the past few years and support others in their path to greater awareness.

christina gysen

If you are open to it, I will gladly take you along as a guide in your inner journey:

"Don't ever be ashamed about the things you truly want. The things you truly desire deep down!"

Christina Gysen

CEO - FOunder
Master in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Bachelor in Executive Management, TRB & BRTT

Thomas Vyncke

Master in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences & Clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunology, Fascia therapist and Intermittent Living.

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