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How lifestyle affects the health of our mitochondria

Mitochondrial dna

Mitochondria are crucial for the health of the body and determine the fate of a cell. They are not only power plants, but also play a role in apoptosis and thermogenesis. Periods of fasting and Intermittent Living can improve their health.

Intermittent Drinking

Intermittent Drinking

It is important to drink enough, BUT not all day long. Intermittent drinking is about frequency and not quantity. I discuss it in more detail below.

Intermittent Fasting

intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting (IF) or 'intermittent fasting' is part of intermittent living. It does not dictate what you eat but when and for how long you do and do not eat. 

Discover the secrets of Cold Therapy

Cold therapy

Cold therapy Exposure to cold leads to hugely powerful health benefits Being cold is intense; for many people, this is way out of their comfort zone. We humans thrive when the going gets tough. At such times, you learn about your physiology and mindset. There is now enough scientific evidence available to prove that extreme temperatures [...]

The effect of heat exposure on our bodies

Intermittent Heat

The effect of heat exposure on our bodies Intermittent heat interventions as a natural vaccine against the harmful effects of modern life. Regular saunas are good for your health. Something we often hear, but do you know why? During the adaptation process to higher temperatures, our body protects us by producing more special molecules [...]

What are the benefits of cold showering?

advantages of cold showering

The benefits of cold showering Is cold showering healthy? Oh yes! Cold showering has many health benefits. When we expose our bodies to the stress stimulus of cold water, we activate our entire body. This makes us feel more cheerful, energetic, fitter and healthier. Both your brain, metabolism and circulation are re [...]