Moonbird review and experience

Moonbird review

Moonbird is a supportive breathing tool for stress, anxiety and sleep problems. Made of a soft silicone material, the device expands and contracts, allowing you to intuitively breathe with it.

Consciousness and breathing

Consciousness and breathing

The link between consciousness and breathing What makes us happy as human beings? We humans are the only creatures on earth that spend a lot of time "thinking". We think about what is or is not happening around us, we ponder events that have happened in the past, we think about things that are in [...]

Are you breathing correctly?


Breathing Are you aware of the way you breathe? Breathing as medicine Why do we need to relearn how to breathe and why does it matter? Oxygen provides all life on the planet. breathing in is taking in oxygen (O2), breathing out is blowing out carbon dioxide (CO2). CO2 is the waste that our [...]