Transform your sleep with this innovative sleep robot

somnox sleep robot

Somnox Transform your sleep with this innovative sleep robot Order now Calm your mind, enrich your sleep: discover Somnox 2 Have you already experienced Somnox's calming feel and rhythm? The recent launch of Somnox 2.0 brings a breath of fresh air to the world of breathing and sleep robots. But what makes this innovative device worth [...]

Ultrahuman Ring Air, activity tracker - Review and experience

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ultrahuman ring air Smart ring: the ultimate activity tracker Order now Ultrahuman Smart Ring Review The Ultrahuman activity tracker brings insight for a healthy lifestyle. This advanced wearable makes it easy to track your sleep, exercise and recovery. The tracker offers automatic sleep detection and detailed analysis of sleep stages, patterns and quality. You get insight into your [...]

Nail mat or Acupressure mat from Pranamat

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nail mats Nail mat or acupressure mat Order now Nail mat or acupuncture mat Pranamat ECO is a premium product infused with love and commitment to both people and the earth. The brand breathes ecology - it's in their DNA, as is already clear from their name. With thousands of pressure points, one nail mat offers an all-encompassing tool for [...]

Stress-Proof in 3 steps


Stress-Proof Hack your stress response by stepping out of your comfort zone Push it to he limit! Ready to unlock the secrets to a healthier and longer life? Learn to manage your stress and reduce the risk of getting sick. We can lower our health risk ourselves by reducing our overall stress response. We will go into this [...]

Metabolic flexibility


METABOLE FLEXIBILITY "The use of ancestral challenges as a vaccine against the damaging effects of modern life" Free Consultation What is metabolic flexibility? And why you want to be metabolic flexible Metabolic flexibility is the capacity of a cell to use different energy sources such as carbohydrates and fats (specifically: glycogen, ketones and lactate). It is simply the [...]