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Release physical, mental and emotional tensions

In a world where stress is a daily habit for many people, inner work is essential for a happy life. At Unfolding, we use age-old breathing techniques to release physical, emotional and mental tension and improve your overall health.

reported improved mental clarity and concentration after breathwork

experienced improved emotional regulation and a decrease in mood disorders
reported an improvement in sleep quality
Good breathing

Discover the power of breathing

Your breathing directs your body. Conscious breathing gives you control over your health and stress, and provides more balance and mental strength.

Over 1.6 million working people experience burnout symptoms. If you experience stress or physical complaints such as fatigue, headaches or anxiety, you are not alone. Often the breath is overlooked as a solution, while a disturbed breathing pattern has a lot of impact on your well-being.

The good news: you have more control than you think. Change your breathing, change your life.

After all, you always have the ultimate tool for balanced physical, emotional and mental health in your pocket.

7 signs to start breathwork

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Depends on workshop type. Time is mentioned in the registration form.
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You invest €72.60 (Incl. VAT) in yourself. It is possible to get an invoice of this for your accounts.
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The breathing workshop will take place in Aartselaar. The exact address will be announced after registration.
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Reserve your spot & plant seeds for a lifetime.

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What is Ecstatic Breathwork?

Ecstatic Breathwork is a powerful breathing technique to enhance energy, awareness, and well-being. It's a holistic therapy that helps you break through emotional and mental barriers, connecting more deeply with your authentic self, strength, vitality, and joy.

Many people deal with stress and busyness on a daily basis. Ecstatic Breathwork offers an effective way to reduce this stress and strengthen your immune system. 

By breathing deeply and rhythmically, you increase oxygen levels in your body and reduce carbon dioxide. This leads to changes in your consciousness and physiology, putting yourself into a state of ecstasy.

Ecstatic Breathwork is an effective form of self-development and healing. It helps you push your boundaries and discover yourself on a deeper level.

Experience the power of breathwork for yourself? Register now for a breathing workshop.

The world is the unfolding in time of all that we dream.

Ecstatic Breathwork during:

Personal growth Pathway

During this journey, you will get the tools, insights and guidance you need to take steps towards a life of personal growth and self-improvement. You will discover how to take life back into your own hands and how growth is inextricably linked to success. A journey full of challenges, transformation and empowerment.
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By participating in the personal growth programme, you step into a special and powerful experience in a safe and supportive environment.


Online master classes

The solutions to your challenges are already within yourself. We are here to combine ancient wisdom with modern techniques, guiding you to sustainable change that starts from within. How? Through accessible (online) formats, in a light-hearted way and, above all, immediately applicable.

Breathe To Relax

Breathe To Relax

Learn how to practice relaxing breathwork in a safe and effective way.
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Ecstatic Breathwork

Ecstatic Breathwork

Release blockages in your body and mind, reduce stress and call a halt to your racing thoughts.
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Polyvagal theory

Polyvagal theory

Get to work on your nervous system yourself and learn more about how you can influence it.


Frequently asked questions


Do you recognise yourself in any of the following situations:

  1. Suffering from persistent stress
  2. Hyperventilation or anxiety and panic attacks
  3. Lying awake for a long time before falling asleep
  4. Frequent or even constant restlessness in your head and body
  5. Short of breath


Do you recognise 1 of the above? Then the breathe to relax master class is for you.
Learn how each breath affects your nervous system and experiences calmness in your body and head. 
During the breathe to relax masterclass learn why and how we breathe, test the quality of your own breathing and experience how to calm your head and body with different techniques.



Do you recognise yourself in any of the following situations:

  1. Can't express emotions like sadness and anger, or do you NEVER feel anxious about yourself?
  2. Do you experience constant tension in, for example, lower back and or neck region?
  3. Do you flee or fight every time things get difficult in your life?
  4. Can you stop thinking rationally when you are under stress?
  5. Tired of surviving and acting without thinking?


In the ecstatic breathwork masterclass you will explore your authentic self in 5 parts. Trauma, beliefs and coping behaviour are all layers that limit you from being who you really are. This master class allows you to work on yourself at your own pace. This can be done in 5 consecutive days, or spread over several weeks. You can also create a breakthrough period by doing the sessions daily for 2 or 3 weeks, for example.

For an ecstatic breathwork session, count on around 40 to 50 min. 
You can end or start your day with it.Search and find what works for you. Discover the way in and become a leader of yourself again and thus also a director of your own life.

Some common abnormal breathing patterns include:

  • shallow breathing
  • rapid breathing
  • ratio of inhalation to exhalation
  • limited mobility
  • poor posture
  • dysfunction of the respiratory muscles
  • ...

When you unconsciously and shallowly breathe, neglecting to engage your belly, it often results in noisy breathing. You may also experience moments of "air hunger," a sensation that you are not taking deep enough breaths. 

80% of the population only utilizes 30% of their lung capacity, indicating a prevalence of incorrect breathing practices. Understanding the concept of incorrect breathing is crucial in order to prevent its occurrence. Tension, anxiety, fatigue, and excessive exertion often contribute to an irregular breathing pattern.

As a result, our bodies produce higher levels of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Some individuals may experience symptoms such as shortness of breath, dizziness, tingling in the limbs, fainting, and even chest pain as a result of these hormones.

How can you recognize improper breathing? Look out for the following signs:

  • Regularly breathing through your mouth
  • Frequent sighing or yawning
  • Occasional dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Holding your breath or irregular breathing
  • Shallow breathing (not from the abdomen)
  • Breathing too frequently and rapidly
  • Producing loud noises while breathing
  • Experiencing periods of air hunger

Absolutely not, our breathing therapy aims to empower you with the ability to take control of your breathing and effectively manage stressful situations. We provide you with the necessary tools to continue practicing and improving your breathing at home as well. Don't hesitate to embark on this transformative journey! 

One in ten people experience faulty breathing, which is often influenced by external factors. These factors include exertion, speaking habits, weather/climate conditions, and the composition of inhaled air (such as pollen, house dust mites, and exhaust fumes).

During periods of stress or tension, shallow breathing is frequently observed. While shallow breathing may not have immediate severe consequences, prolonged shallow breathing can contribute to functional disorders such as cardiac arrhythmias and digestive problems.

Via this link You can access this link to view a collection of exercises that can help with stress, anxiety, and hyperventilation. Additionally, after attending the relaxing or performance breathing therapy workshop, you will receive a summary of all the exercises we covered during the session. This will enable you to effortlessly continue practicing them in the comfort of your own home.