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Training around relaxing breathing exercises

Breathe to Relax

From a holistic perspective

Breathwork is an essential part of your toolbox to live a more balanced life.

The breathe to relax training includes scientific foundation, theory and breathwork, with which you learn different techniques. 

Breathing is one of the greatest teachers and can reveal everything that is important for you to know about yourself (emotions, patterns,...). 

Breathwork is suitable for everyone.

Thomas Vyncke

PNI Therapist, Intermittent Living Coach, Fascia and Kinesitherapist

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Respiration as a guide

Everything that gets attention grows. Since you are reading this page, you are someone who is interested in actively engaging in breathing exercises. You will learn and experience how breathing exercises make a difference for you during a training session. 

From the moment your breathing becomes easier and slower, you will naturally be energised to make decisions, recuperate faster, sleep deeper and much more.

Truly everyone can gain by learning to breathe consciously. 

What to expect from this training?

During the "Breathe To Relax" training, you will not only work with awareness of breathing but also learn to understand how it functions. When you are aware of something, you can actively change it!

What to expect?

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learn breathing exercises

Start breathwork now and learn which breathing exercises are right for you

Are you ready for a challenging, healing, and deeply relaxing experience?

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Do you have a specific question about the breathing techniques we quote? performance optimisation? Can't find the answer here?

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For anyone interested in the power of breathing for better health, more inner peace, more life energy and a life in connection - with yourself, with others and with the bigger picture. 

Training sessions take place at our physiotherapy practice at groenendaallaan 103 in Merksem. 

The training costs €50 excl VAT

Practices start at 7.30pm and stop around 9.30pm to 10pm.