Are you aware of the way you breathe?

Breathing as medicine

Why do we need to learn to breathe again and why does it matter?

Oxygen provides all life on the planet. breathing in is taking in oxygen (O2), breathing out is blowing out carbon dioxide (CO2). CO2 is the waste our cells produce after they convert oxygen into energy. 

So, little oxygen means less energy, which benefits nothing or no one.

A human breathes about 15-20,000x a day, if you don't breathe properly the frequency increases to about 40,000 breaths a day!

Not breathing efficiently costs more energy because we engage the wrong muscles. In addition, it causes us to lose energy.

In short; by breathing badly we lose energy


When does our breathing go wrong?

Until the age of 5, every child breathes well. From then on, a lot of things can go wrong that affect breathing;

What does bad breathing lead to?

The big issue;

Not many people are aware of their breathing. As a result, all the above influences often have a lasting long-term (lifelong) impact. To actively work on this, it needs to be consciously addressed.

Take a deep breath and let's go!

Want to know more about breathing and its effects on our body and mind?

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