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Supporting personal growth

A natural solution to stress and anxiety

Do you frequently experience stress and/or anxiety?
Are your thoughts racing throughout the day, making it difficult to quiet your mind?
Having trouble falling asleep?
Do you struggle with concentration problems, making it challenging to focus on your daily tasks? 
Are you willing to work on yourself and go into depth?

Then breathing therapy is an ideal choice to actively engage in. 

Your breath is always accessible, ready to be utilized whenever needed—you just need to learn how.

Breathwork therapy

What breathing therapy can do for you

Diala El Masri

A must try!
Felt at ease, welcomed, relaxed and comfortable.
It helps! Christina was listening to me and she cared to make me feel comfortable and guide me through my breathing, warm and nice people 😊🤗

Applied breathing exercises & techniques:

Trauma Release & Breathwork (TRB®)
Relaxation Breathwork
Body Remembers Trauma Therapy (BRTT®)

The body remembers everything

The breathing techniques we use support a body-centred process to consciously allow tensions to be released and discharge them naturally. Both daily fatigue and stress and deep, chronic tension that often arises from unprocessed experiences.

Important info

No Quick Fix

In the journey of personal growth, talking alone is not enough. Trauma physically lodges itself in the body. The body longs to be the release palpable tension, and that is exactly where breathing sessions can assist you. They bring your body back to its original state of well-being and promote your health, freeing you from (vague) complaints.

There is no such thing as a quick fix. The mindset of "a few sessions or workshops will solve all my problems" does not match what we bring. Personal growth comes in stages and has both ups and downs. It is an ongoing process in which you keep discovering new layers of yourself. Body and breath work are a good start to getting more in touch with your feelings and learning to embrace them.

Often we try to fix something or get rid of something, and that is not always easy. The trick is to accept yourself in all your facets, without pushing something away or denying it, but instead lovingly embracing it. Allow yourself time to sStep by step to your healing process work. And remember, you don't have to do this alone.

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respiratory therapy

Practical information

In Aartselaar. The exact address for respiratory therapy will be communicated after registration.

Relaxation breathing

  • Duration 1 hour
  • Price €80 excluding VAT
  • Relaxation therapy can be booked directly via this link

Breathing Session

  • Duration 1.5 hours
  • Price: €120 excluding VAT

Breathing Session

  • Duration 3 hours
  • Price: €240 excluding VAT
  • If you like to come with 2*, this session costs €150.00/ per person excluding VAT

*This breathing session can also be booked with 2 people. Sharing this breath journey with someone close to you can be a wonderful and valuable experience. However, it is essential that you feel completely comfortable with each other and have the courage to be vulnerable in each other's presence.

It is an opportunity to experience each other's support and understanding as you push your personal boundaries together. Open your hearts and embrace the power of shared growth, supporting each other on this unique adventure of transformation.

Play Video about Breathwork Masterclass

Learning to breathe relaxed from home?

This online masterclass is designed to provide you with the key principles of relaxing and conscious breathing. You will get both theory and practical breathing exercises.

Upon purchase, you will receive access to an online learning platform where you can watch the masterclass at your convenience, anytime and anywhere as long as you have an active internet connection.

By completing this training, you will gain the ability to comprehend and apply various understand and apply relaxing breathing exercises and techniquescontrol over your "state of being" through conscious breathing. 

Considering respiratory therapy?

"Breathing is the most powerful tool available to rebalance the mind, body and soul."

Frequently asked questions

Respiratory therapy offers a natural and effective solution for individuals experiencing high levels of stress, among other challenges.

If you find that your thoughts are constantly grinding and you struggle to quiet your mind, if you experience a lot of fatigue and have trouble falling asleep or concentrating on your daily tasks, breathing therapy offers you many benefits. During the breathing session, we look for the cause of these complaints by focusing on feeling. 

Respiratory therapy can also help reduce muscle tension and pain and improve your mood and energy levels. 

Hyperventilation, a possible contributor to fatigue and burnout, can be addressed through learning how to control your breathing effectively. 

Throughout the sessions, you will acquire techniques for proper breathing and develop an awareness of your own breathing patterns. Together, we will engage in various exercises and determine which ones resonate best with you.

By incorporating conscious breathing into your routine, you can alleviate symptoms of burnout and fatigue while enhancing your natural breathing patterns.

These 2 breathing sessions are only scheduled after a relaxation/intake session.

We start this session with a guided meditation to relax and get fully in touch with the body. You will then be guided through a series of interlocking body exercises. These exercises focus on activating the psoas muscle*, where we often hold tension, fears and unprocessed trauma.

Once your psoas muscle is activated, your body takes over and we start looking for areas where tension may be released. It is a fascinating process where your awareness can awaken a wealth of unresolved fears, pent-up power and other emotions.

Be aware, however, that working with the psoas muscle can have a profound impact. It is also called the muscle of the soul, a bridge that connects the physical to the emotional and the emotional to the spiritual. Be open to the possibility of old wounds coming to the surface that are ready to be healed.

Allow the wisdom of your body to guide you into a deeper state of relaxation, release and self-fulfilment.

Caution and responsibility in deep breath work
If you recognise yourself in any of the categories below, deep breathing work may not be suitable for you (at this time ), or requires extra vigilance. It is essential that you take responsibility, consult with us and if in doubt, consult a doctor first. Be aware of your own health and well-being, and understand that each individual is unique. While breathwork offers many benefits, it is important to take into account any medical conditions, physical limitations or specific circumstances that affect your participation. Communicate openly, share your health history and take counselling seriously:

  • pregnancy (at any stage)
  • severe PTSD or trauma
  • active use of recreational drugs
  • use of drugs that alter brain structure, such as anti-anxiety medication, antidepressants, ADD and OCD medications, etc.
  • retinal detachment
  • glaucoma
  • kidney diseases
  • hypertension
  •  cardiovascular diseases, including angina, previous heart attack or stroke
  • diagnosis of an aneurysm of any kind
  • uncontrolled thyroid disorders
  • diabetes (any type)
  • severe asthma
  • epilepsy
  • history of epileptic seizures
  • previous diagnosis of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or another psychiatric condition
  • severe psychosomatic disorders
  • recent surgery, stitches or injuries
  • hospitalisation for a psychiatric condition or emotional crisis in the past 10 years

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