Breathing techniques

Functional Breathworkshop

Strengthen your in-and-out breathing muscles such as the diaphragm, the straight and oblique abdominal muscles and the intercostal muscles.

It is high time to push the limits in terms of endurance, perseverance and recovery.

breathing technique

Breathe life into your routine

Everything that gets attention grows. Since you are reading this page, you are someone who is interested in actively working with breathing techniques. You will learn and experience during a training session how the techniques below, among others, make a difference on your (sports) performance.

From the moment your breathing becomes easier and slower, you will naturally be energised to make decisions, recuperate faster, sleep deeper and much more.

Examples of breathing techniques

What to expect from this training?

During this "Functional Breathworkshop" you not only engage with awareness of breathing but also learn to understand how it functions. When you are aware of something, you can actively change it!

What to expect?

  • Train your awareness and discover more about the current state of your breathing
    = How fast or slow you breathe, where you breathe (chest or abdomen) and how deep or shallow you breathe
  • Take your (sports) performance to the next level through different breathing techniques
  • Experience and learn the difference between nose and mouth breathing
  • Learn interactively why we breathe in oxygen and breathe out CO2, why CO2 is a good friend rather than a waste
  • Experience the influence of breathing on your concentration, among other things
  • Learn how the lungs function and how we transport oxygen

Where & when do we teach functional breathing techniques?


Thursday 16 February 2023
From 19:30 to 21:30


Groenendaallaan 103, Merksem
In our physiotherapy practice

Are you ready to get started with breathing techniques yourself?

Become leader about your breath again

Questions about breathing techniques?

We are here for all your questions

Do you have a specific question about the breathing techniques we quote? About combining breathing with your sport, endurance sport or performance optimisation? Can't find the answer here?

Then don't hesitate to send us a message via Whatsapp or the contact page.

For anyone interested in breath work, growth, health, healing and self-development & for therapists and professionals who want to integrate breath work into their practice

Training sessions take place at our physiotherapy practice at groenendaallaan 103 in Merksem. 

The training costs €50 excl VAT

  • Improve capacity to absorb oxygen more efficiently.
  • Increase your maximum lung volume
  • Strengthen your in-and-out breathing muscles such as the diaphragm, straight and oblique abdominal muscles, intercostal muscles, ...
  • Perform better with less oxygen and more CO2 in your blood.
  • Push your limits in terms of endurance, perseverance and recovery.

If you want to perform better every day, breathing training should be part of your daily routine.

Discover a world still unknown and unloved by many. After the workshop, you will receive a detailed overview of all the exercises we trained together so you can work on them further.

We will actively work on this so you can learn and feel for yourself how much difference the right breathing techniques really make on your performance.

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Breathing technique

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