The link between consciousness and breathing

What makes us as a person happy?

We humans are the only creatures on earth that spend a lot of time "thinking". We think about what is or is not happening around us, we contemplate events that have happened in the past, we think about things that may happen in the future or things that are never going to happen at all....

In other words, we tend to waste energy on thoughts that have little to do with the present moment. They are then usually negative thoughts too.

When we think too much, we literally waste energy. We feed our brains with glucose and oxygen. Without these two essential substances, it is not possible to think. The same goes for muscles that need energy to contract.

When you think all the time, your brain consumes more glucose and more oxygen. Every elite athlete knows that it is possible to improve their athletic performance by bringing more energy and oxygen to working muscles.

Scientists at Northumbria University in the UK recently proved that the same is true for cognitive performance. 

In short; as soon as you get more oxygen to your brain, you also effectively become smarter.

Consciousness and breathing

A wandering mind is a unhappy spirit

Scientists collected real-time data from an app called 'track your happiness'. the app asks users to record how they feel during their daily activities and to note their thoughts on the task at hand. 5000 people from 83 countries participated which provided 250000 data points.

This data showed that our minds are constantly wandering. It also recorded that we are "less happy" when our thoughts wander than when they do not.

Even when we daydream about pleasant ideas and happy things, we are still not as happy as when we are focused on what we are doing in the present moment

Choose your own thoughts

In my experience, there is no point in getting attached to our thoughts. When we want to be right about something, we only see what we "think" instead of what really "is".

Each of us views the world through our own filter; and our reality is a projection of that. Our thoughts determine how we feel and how we experience life. For example, it is possible to constantly indulge in sad thoughts and still feel happy.

When you quiet your mind, you remove the filter. As soon as you continue with your negative thought pattern, you make that filter stronger.

Most of us do not know how to control our thoughts. We often see our own experience as the only possible version of reality. This is why many people feel victimised. They look through a filter of negativity. A filter that determines all their reactions and experiences. It is really a form of self-sabotage that we are not aware of but it determines how we feel, how we react and how we live our lives.

We are not born feeling inferior, we learn it by focusing on negative thoughts and feelings.

Have you ever wondered why young children are so cheerful? It is because they have no filter yet. They live completely in the present moment.

Consciousness and breathing

Consciousness and breathing

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