airofit PRO Breathing Trainer

Never run out of breath again!

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+ 30% muscle growth increased by 30% in just 6 weeks

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Significant performance improvements observed within a 6-week timeframe.

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Airofit PRO offers the same level of accuracy as a certified medical device, while being 25% more affordable and easier to use.

Discover how to take your breath training to the next level

You understand better than anyone the importance of healthy breathing for your body and mind. This innovative respirator device is designed to train your respiratory muscles and to increase your breathing capacity and to enlarge. Through the accompanying app, you monitor your technique and get feedback on your patterns. It is a must-have for anyone serious about breath training and the improve his or her performance and physical fitness.

Currently, there are 2 devices which I explain further below: Airofit Pro 2.0 and Airofit Active

What to expect from airofit:

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Airofit Breathing Trainers

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Airofit Pro 2.0

airofit breathing trainer

Airofit Pro 2.0




airofit breathing trainer

Airofit Active



Airofit Pro 2.0

As mentioned above, there are various types of Airofit breathing trainers available, each offering:

  • 3 training levels (beginner, intermediate and expert)
  • A comprehensive daily training plan tailored to your chosen focus area (professional sports or wellness)
  • A minimum of 6 breathing exercises
  • Support available in 12 languages.

The Airofit Active is the basic version with limited features, such as no Bluetooth connection, no lung capacity measurement, and no progress insights. 

On the other hand, the Airofit PRO versions provide access to more features as described above. For a complete list of options and features, please visit their website. 

Thomas Vyncke personal review of Airofit:

When you ask me "Does Airofit work?", I can definitely answer "yes".

In my experience, Airofit has been a perfect complement to my various training sessions. I was convinced from the beginning, especially after the initial lung test that you have to perform when starting the Airofit and using the app. 

During the lung test, you are instructed to set the Airofit to the highest resistance level and breathe forcefully in and out while the device is in your mouth. It feels like a serious workout, 

A few minutes of breathing so powerfully feels like a serious work-out. With the device, you can boost the power of your diaphragm in every possible way. So you can deploy workouts and breathe in and/or out with resistance, you maximum in/out apnoea train, you Spine mobilisation, your system relax and more...

The training programs focus on enhancing breathing power, vital lung capacity, anaerobic threshold, and other aspects. 

Improving the strength of your breathing muscles can greatly benefit your overall life. It optimizes your physical performance and fitness by harnessing the power of your own breath, something you always carry with you in your pocket.

airofit pro 2.0

At what levels does Airofit offer benefits?

Sports performance

Join thousands of athletes worldwide who have become better athletes through guided exercises! On just 5-10 minutes a day, even professional athletes make progress within weeks.

Health and well-being

Experience a boost in your energy levels, reduce stress, and enhance the quality of your sleep with respiratory training. By incorporating breathing exercises into your daily routine, you can significantly improve your overall well-being and health.

Airofit application

When you purchase the Airofit Pro, you will receive both the breathing trainer and the mobile application. 

After the first measurement, you can choose from 17 targeted training programs with which you will train your breathing and track your progress. 

The app provides clear instructions and presents comprehensive training information and updates. 

Additionally, it offers convenient features for breath training, including a variety of breathing exercises that can be customized to align with your personal preferences and goals.

Your monitors your breathing technique and performance & also holds several statistics and graphs so you can track your progress. The app offers personalised feedback and guidance.

As a frequent user of the device, I can personally attest to its effectiveness in optimizing physical performance. I am highly satisfied with its functionalities, as well as the comprehensive support provided by the Airofit team.

Airofit application
Airofit Pro 1.0

Photo during altitude training in Amantani (Peru) at 4150m altitude

Discover how to improve your sports performance with Airofit

The training sessions with the Airofit device have had a significant impact on my high-altitude performance.

It helped me to get my breathing capacity and to enlarge and my oxygen uptake and to improve, which enabled me to train longer and recover faster after exercise. 

The app is a great tool to monitor, train and improve my own patterns. 

One of the notable benefits I've experienced is the reduced likelihood of running out of breath during exertion at high altitudes. This has been a game changer for me and I highly recommend Airofit to anyone who is seeking to improve their physical performance.

Airofit collaborates with breathing experts who design various exercises targeting different aspects of your breathing. These exercises focus on increasing your vital lung capacity, enhancing the strength of your breathing muscles, promoting relaxation, and more. How much benefit you can effectively have with it is just a matter of testing it out.

Play Video about Breathwork Masterclass

Breathwork Masterclass

With the online masterclass, you have the opportunity to learn the principles of relaxing breathwork at your own pace. The course provides comprehensive guidance and practical exercises that allow you to apply the techniques immediately.

Frequently asked questions about airofit

Airofit is a breathing device that provides resistance to the breathing muscles during use. The accompanying mobile app offers live feedback and guidance through various types of exercises. You can track your progress within the app. 

It is a small device that is inserted into the mouth for a few minutes, allowing you to breathe in and out through it. The device features adjustable resistance levels controlled by dials on the sides. Additionally, the accompanying app offers various breathing training programs that can be customized to increase lung capacity, strength, and energy. Afterward, you can engage in different types of exercises.

The device was originally designed as an aid for asthma and COPD. It is widely known that breath training helps with asthma symptoms.
In asthmatics, among other things, the respiratory muscles do not work optimally. This weakens the breathing muscles and results in dyspnoea/shortness of breath. This becomes most evident during exertion, making each breath require a lot of energy.

It already works with several asthma patients and their feedback is great - from easier inhalation to no symptoms at all. However, there are many different types and degrees of asthma, so we recommend checking with a therapist or doctor first.

Airofit is designed to be used by individuals of all levels, from Olympic athletes to non-athletes who simply want to enhance their well-being and performance.

We recommend incorporating daily breathing training into your routine. It doesn't have to be lengthy; 10-15 minutes a day is sufficient, but consistency is crucial!

For those training daily, we suggest dividing the program into two sessions, allowing for twice-daily workouts. Optimal results are achieved when you engage in two training sessions at different times throughout the day.

In daily life, we typically recommend nasal breathing for its numerous physical, emotional, and mental health benefits compared to mouth breathing. However, when using Airofit, breathing through the mouth is acceptable.

Here are some reasons why mouth breathing is suitable during Airofit training:

  1. Muscle training: Airofit workouts focus on training the breathing muscles, which can be effectively targeted through mouth breathing.
  2. Increased airflow: Breathing through the mouth allows for enhanced airflow, delivering more oxygen to the muscles and facilitating more intense training, which is beneficial for the specific purpose of Airofit.
  3. Enhanced lung capacity: Mouth breathing provides greater force and flexibility to the lungs and breathing muscles, making other breathing techniques (including daily nasal, slow, or abdominal breathing) easier to perform.
  4. Improved sports performance: Mouth breathing can enhance performance and endurance in certain sports such as running or swimming.
  5. Improved sports performance: In certain sports such as running or swimming, breathing through the mouth can improve performance and endurance.
  6. Reduced muscle acidification: Mouth breathing during intense workouts can help minimize muscle acidification.

Moreover, the Airofit training duration is temporary, typically lasting about 5 to 10 minutes per day, so it does not become your default breathing pattern. In summary, using Airofit and breathing through the mouth effectively achieves its goal of improving breathing.

The PRO 2.0 version of Airofit introduces exciting new features and enhancements:

Advanced lung test
Experience the most comprehensive lung test available, consisting of three steps. This test provides highly accurate measurements of your accessible lung capacity, inhalation force, and exhalation force.

Enhanced guidance
Receive detailed guidance for your breathing training, coupled with more precise feedback on your performance. This enables you to understand and practice various breathing patterns effectively.

Improved result accuracy:
Minimize the impact of external factors on your training and test results. The new measurement method ensures minimal deviation in your training data, leading to more accurate results.

Enhanced peer comparison:
Compare your breathing training performance with peers in a more precise manner. Receive suggestions from the app and gain insights into where you excel within your peer group and areas where you can further improve.

Optimized hardware
Enjoy your breathing workouts with the compact and durable hardware of Airofit PRO 2.0. The updated e-unit design and magnetic charging method make the device resistant to saliva and splashes. Additionally, the long-lasting battery (4-7 days) ensures you can train with Airofit anytime and anywhere.

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