Our mission is to bring well-being

We are Christina and Thomas. Together, we have embarked on our life mission as an enterprising couple

About Unfolding

Christina Gysen

Marketing, Business Development & Consciousness Engineer

About Unfolding

Thomas Vyncke

Kinesist, Fasciatherapist,Clinical psycho-neuro-immunologist & Intermittent living expert

"The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it"

Our core values

The driving force behind UNFOLDING:

1. Sharing

Sharing is caring. Knowledge is universal. Because we care about others, we share without boundaries so that others can pick up and use what is useful for them to live and create their own lives. Together we can achieve the unachievable. We strongly believe that the more you give, the more you receive.

2. Embodiment

The body never lies and remembers. It's the manifestation of reality and helps us bring our dreams to life. Body and mind are like yin and yang; not one without the other. To unfold your full potential, you need a strong body and mind. Practicing what you preach is non-negotiable for us.

3. Love & Connection

We care about our customers, partners, and team as much as we care about ourselves and our family. Knowing, loving, and caring about oneself is the fertile ground for deep connections. All is love; I am you, we are one.

4. Inspiration & Transformation

We believe that personal growth is the most important process in life. We create a safe and challenging environment where change and transformation are welcome. We live what we do and say ourselves to inspire people to become leaders and creators of their own lives.

about unfolding

About Unfolding

Unfolding provides an exciting and scientific approach to gaining knowledge. Our tracks, workshops, and keynotes inspire individuals to embrace a healthy, active, and conscious lifestyle. By integrating proven evolutionary stimuli into our workshops, we offer protection against the detrimental effects of modern life.

Experience how our distinctive approach and personalized guidance enrich knowledge, offer practical tools, and contribute to living a healthier and more conscious life.

Our mission

A quest from within, for ourselves. Our journey of self-development and the pursuit of unlocking our full potential has led us to where we stand today.

Our mission is to spread awareness across various domains and continuously expand our own knowledge within them.

This life mission originated from a deep desire. Desire is the driving force that seeks manifestation. It is an inherent characteristic of consciousness, transitioning from the unseen to the seen, from the spiritual to the material, and from the invisible to the visible.

about unfolding
Thomas Vyncke

Thomas Vyncke

In 2018, I established my own practice "De Kinesisten" which means "the fysiotherapists", along with 2 associates.

As an inspirer, holistic therapist, and coach, I guide individuals and companies towards inner peace and physical healing.

By nature, I possess an immense zest for life, and my energy flows abundantly when I feel a deep connection with my work. Discovering my passion has fueled my dedication and led me to mastery. 

My motivation and inner drive stem from my personal quest for optimal health. When I was informed, at the age of 21, that I might develop Crohn's disease would develop and face a life of chronic illness, medication and surgery, it touched me deeply. I decided that this NOT my future would be. 


Christina Gysen

I serve people and companies as a breathwork facilitator, project manager and marketer. My true passion lies in transformation and personal growth. It is my vision to empower others to embrace change and to pursue ultimate happiness.With an innate drive and determination , I thrive in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship., which comes in handy in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.

I greatly enjoy connecting with like-minded people and supporting them in their process towards change on different levels. My own connection with physical health and well-being brought me the switch in my own business so that I can help others improve their own health and well-being.

My career started after graduating as an Executive Manager. In 2015, I started working at Jaguar Land Rover Metropolis. 

Christina Gysen

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