Thomas Vyncke

Who is he?

Thomas Vyncke

After more than 15 years of academic studies and practical experience, with a Master's degree in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences & Clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunology, Thomas has specialised in several fields, including, Fascial Manipulation and Intermittent Living. These areas of expertise have given him a deep understanding of human functioning.

The unfolding Podcast

Inspirer with boundless curiosity

Thomas is an inspirer with boundless curiosity, driven by a deep inner desire to raise awareness and optimize physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Fueled by boundless curiosity, Thomas embraces adventure and experiments with various tools for personal growth. His journeys of discovery fuel his own transformation and serve as inspiration to others.

With a mission to raise awareness in society, Thomas shares knowledge and provides tools that anyone can use to begin their own journey. He creates transformative experiences that empower people to realize their full potential.

Thomas infuses passion, humor, and fun into everything he does. His true strength lies in connecting with others, leading him to launch his own podcast, "Unfolding Potential."

"It's all about me" is not just a slogan for Thomas; it's a way of life he embodies. He consciously uses this powerful phrase to challenge people to realize that they are the creators of their own reality.

He believes that each individual possesses the power to bring about change in their lives. It's a call to empowerment and self-responsibility, with Thomas encouraging others to embrace their full potential and become architects of their own life paths.

Once individuals fully acknowledge and embrace themselves, they have the power to transform their lives. This principle is a cornerstone of Unfolding, driving Thomas to inspire others to discover and embody their inner power. He believes that self-acceptance and self-love are keys to true transformation, passionately committed to guiding others on their journeys of self-discovery and growth.

Thomas Vyncke


Master's degree in health sciences and rehabilitation sciences

University of Antwerp

Master in Clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunology

Dr Leo Pruimboom

Fascial Manipulation by Stecco

Padua Italy

Intermittent Living coach

Dr Leo Pruimboom

Where it all started for Thomas

In 2018, Thomas founded his own practice with two partners: " The Kinesisters".

As an inspirer, holistic therapist and coach, he guides people and companies on inner peace and physical healing. By nature, he has an enormous zest for life. His energy flows abundantly when he feels a connection with what he does. Finding his passion has led to dedication and mastery.

His motivation and inner drive stemmed from his own quest for optimal health. At the age of 21, he was told he would develop Crohn's disease and face a life of chronic illness, medication and surgery. This touched him deeply and inspired him to walk his own path. He set out on his own to find ways to optimise his health and eliminate the disease from his life, from biohacking and intermittent fasting to the kpni, breathwork and meditation. And he succeeded, just as he always believed!

He used to live with symptoms he considered normal. Think regular stomach aches, energy dips after eating, diarrhoea, bloating, bad breath, lower back pain, a stream of negative thoughts, shame, sadness, and so on. But he realised this was unjustified. Driven by his passion for the human body and his own complaints, he set out to find the source.

The lessons he has learned, along with all the knowledge he has gained during his training, he conveys in his keynotes, workshops and therapies.

He is always looking for the essence, the origins. He wants to share knowledge and skills with as many people as possible. It is therefore his life's mission to teach people how to take control of their own health and experience inner peace again.

The symptom is never the cause.

A nice quote From the kPNI institute where Thomas took his additional Master's course in pyschoneurimmunology. We look especially at causes and the "WHY" question is always central. All this is scientifically based so that he teaches people to understand why they do what they do. 

Before embarking on a journey towards health, one must first grasp the path that leads to health.

From an early age, he was a very active and curious boy who always wanted to know the reason or cause of whatever was happening. Growing pains caused him to see a physiotherapist at a young age. Suddenly he knew which direction he wanted to go in. Thomas would become a physiotherapist and help people with their physical complaints. This was the start of his car career where he started training in physiotherapy.


Years after his studies, Thomas realised that there were still too many people he could not really help. Relieving pain was no longer a challenge and his patients' pains were also returning. Simply because the symptom was treated, but its cause was often overlooked.

Fasciatherapy according to Stecco©

Brimming with energy and willpower, he started training Fascia therapy (Methodology by Luigi Stecco.) This form of therapy allowed him to solve more complex cases that allowed him to help people in the long run. But unfortunately, still there were too many people he could improve, but not "cure".

Thomas started his clinical psycho neuro immunology training in 2020. Quite a mouthful, he thought then. In short "film medicine". He began to the search for the real cause of complaints and rewound a life film. It is a fast-growing science who looks for the cause of complaints or illnesses through gentle, natural but scientifically based interventions. He learned to look at the cause and not just the effect. For example, a forgotten problem from the past (e.g. a viral or bacterial load, unresolved stress, trauma) can often be the start for the development of symptoms

Intermittent Living Coach

Thomas obtained his certification as an Intermittent Living Coach. The concept of intermittent living was developed over 10 years using two basic studies: 'the study of the origin' and 'intermittent living'. The concept draws on the science behind the action of hormetic stimuli, such as, for example, short-term extreme cold, therapeutic hypercapnia (CO2 therapy), medicinal hypoxia (low O2 therapy), sauna, intermittent fasting and intermittent drinking. In addition, combinations of plant substances are used to optimise hormetic stimuli.

"In change lies the solution and the smallest change makes the biggest difference." - Dr Leo Pruimboom

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