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Thomas Vyncke

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Thomas Vyncke

In 2018, I established my own practice "De Kinesisten" which means "the fysiotherapists", along with 2 associates.

As an inspirer, holistic therapist, and coach, I guide individuals and companies towards inner peace and physical healing.

By nature, I possess an immense zest for life, and my energy flows abundantly when I feel a deep connection with my work. Discovering my passion has fueled my dedication and led me to mastery. 

My motivation and inner drive stem from my personal quest for optimal health. When I was informed, at the age of 21, that I might develop Crohn's disease and face a lifetime of chronic illness, medication, and surgery, it struck me deeply.

However, I resolved that this would not be my future. This realization sparked contemplation and set me on my path. Consequently, I embarked on a search for ways to optimize my health and banish disease from my life, exploring practices such as biohacking, intermittent fasting, kpni, breathwork, and meditation. Remarkably, I achieved success, just as I had always believed!

Previously I lived with I lived with symptoms that I considered normal at the time, including regular stomach aches, post-meal energy slumps, diarrhea, bloating, bad breath, lower back pain, a flood of negative thoughts, shame, sadness, and more. However, I came to realize that these struggles were unjustified. Motivated by my passion for the human body and my own complaints, I embarked on a journey to uncover the root causes.

The valuable lessons I have learned, combined with the knowledge acquired during my training, are now shared through my keynotes, workshops, and therapies.


Master's degree in health sciences and rehabilitation sciences

University of Antwerp

Master in Clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunology

Dr Leo Pruimboom

Fascial Manipulation by Stecco

Padua Italy

Intermittent Living coach

Dr Leo Pruimboom

My goal is to inspire individuals, reigniting their belief in the infinite possibilities that lie within them. I accomplish this by equipping them with the necessary tools. It is my mission to empower people, teaching them to take full responsibility for their own health and overall functioning.

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I am always driven to uncover the essence, the origin. My passion lies in sharing knowledge and skills with as many individuals as possible. Thus, my life mission is dedicated to teaching people how to regain control over their health and rediscover inner peace.

The symptom is never the cause.

A meaningful quote from the kPNI institute, where I have been pursuing an additional Master's course since 2020, resonates with me deeply. The institute's approach is centered around understanding the causes behind various conditions, and the fundamental question of "WHY" always takes precedence. It is through this scientific foundation that I am equipped to guide individuals in comprehending the motives behind their actions. 

Before embarking on a journey towards health, one must first grasp the path that leads to health.

From a young age, I was an active and inquisitive boy, always seeking to uncover the reasons or origins behind events. Experiencing growing pains as a child led me to consult a physiotherapist. It was at that moment that I realized my calling and the direction I wanted to pursue—I would become a physiotherapist and assist individuals in addressing their physical ailments. With this newfound clarity, I embarked on the path of my physiotherapy training, eager to make a positive impact.


Years after completing my studies, I came to a significant realization: there were still numerous individuals whom I couldn't genuinely assist. While I could provide temporary relief from their pain, it would often resurface. This recurring pattern stemmed from a crucial oversight—the underlying cause of the symptoms was frequently disregarded, merely treating the surface-level manifestations. 

Fasciatherapist according to Stecco©

Filled with boundless energy and determination, I resumed my journey to the next destination. I embarked on a course in Fascia therapy (Methodology by Luigi Stecco.) This therapeutic approach equipped me with the tools to address more intricate cases and offer long-term relief to individuals. However, despite these advancements, there remained a frustrating reality—I could improve the well-being of many individuals, but a complete "cure" eluded me for too many. 

Continuing our journey, I disembarked at kPNI and enrolled in training for Clinical Psycho Neuroimmunology, which at first seemed like quite a mouthful. clinical psycho neuroimmunologyIn essence, it can be described as "film medicine." This rapidly expanding field delves into the root causes of ailments and rewinds the "life film" to uncover underlying factors. It encompasses gentle, natural interventions grounded in scientific knowledge. By shifting our focus to the causes rather than just the effects, we can identify forgotten issues from the past, such as viral or bacterial loads, unresolved stress, or trauma, which often serve as catalysts for the onset of complaints or illnesses.

Intermittent Living Coach

In addition to my training in Clinical Psycho Neuroimmunology, I also obtained certification as an Intermittent Living Coach. The concept of intermittent living has been developed over a span of 10 years, incorporating two fundamental studies:, 'the study of the origin' and 'intermittent living'. The concept relies on the science behind This concept revolves around harnessing the power of hormetic stimuli, which are brief and controlled exposures to stressors that stimulate adaptive responses in the body. Examples of such stimuli include short-term extreme cold exposure, therapeutic hypercapnia (CO2 therapy), medicinal hypoxia (low O2 therapy), sauna sessions, intermittent fasting, and intermittent drinking. Additionally, we utilize combinations of plant substances to optimize the hormetic stimuli.

As for the next stop on our journey, it remains unknown for now, but the adventure continues!

In change lies the solution and the smallest change makes the biggest difference ~ Dr Leo Pruimboom

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Christina Gysen

CEO - FOunder
consciousness engineer
breathwork & trauma facilitator
wife of thomas

Thomas Vyncke

CEO - Inspirer
breathing and intermittent living
Holistic therapist
Coach for inner peace and physical healing
husband of christina